Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just another day

Vacation Bible school was a little less perfect last night. Not due to the fact that I had to tote around my 20 month old grandchild, but that Summer was sad and teary eyed. I have pretty much decided that she played through her nap yesterday. I did not hear a peep from her room while I was watching a movie with Clint on the couch. The thought crossed my mind when she came out of her room looking fresh with unmussed an hour or so after she laid down. When we pulled up in front of the church, I decided I'd pretty much bet money on it. Her head was tilted to the side and and her eyes were shut. But, she woke right up and went inside to play with the other kids before it started. A few minutes after it started, she told me she was hungry. I could tell she was disappointed when I told her she would have to wait until after Bible school to eat. A few minutes into my lesson with the middle schoolers, Summer was escorted to my room by Ms. Becky. Her face was red and teary-eyed so I just had her join us. She still insisted she was hungry although she had two servings of lasagna after her "nap." So, today, I made sure she got her nap. It was short, but I'm pretty sure she slept because her daddy was in there with her. I'm also going to make sure here belly is full before we get there. I would love it if there were no more llama drama tonight. It's the last night of VBS. I'm a little sad, but it was fun while it lasted.

Summer picked out some new books at the library today after story hour. She wanted to get on the computer before class, so we left a little early. We were delayed a few minutes in the hunt for Teddy, who we cannot leave home without. Maybe for a bike ride or quick trip to the park, but that's about it. At the library, she played the Clifford game and did great at navigating her way through the games without any assistance. I did have to show her where a few of the keys for her name were, but I was glad to get to help. Believe me, she wanted to do it all by herself. When I started typing in my library card number, she was saying, "I want to type in my name." After selecting 7 books, she felt we had enough. I grabbed a few more for her and a fwe for Lexie on our way out. I really need to remember to bring my big bag for the books in the future. When we left, it was starting to rain and I had 12 books in one arm and Lexie in the other. The diaper bag was slung over my shoulder and draped with Lexie's blanket which ended up falling. Summer was a great sport all the way to the car, helping me by getting the blanket and of course toting Teddy for herself. We didn't get too wet, but it was quite an adventure getting to the car with all my cargo intact and everyone still smiling.

The family music class we attended yesterday was a lot of fun. Lexie was amazed at what was going on and it was such a joy to watch her explore and discover the instruments with the other kids. I think I might just have to switch classes at some point or see if her mom will let me take her to a class by herself. She was pretty good at story time today too. Her and Summer had a little war over my lap, but eventually they were both comfy in their own spots. That is not to say that Summer did not grunt every time Lexie put her foot on her. Because she did. It was her mama's lap after all.

Tomorrow is the big playdate with the cousins. Now that will be an adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Summer! Hope that you are having a good weekend sweetie! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless