Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One for the book

This morning Summer wanted to make a book, so we started them. First, we picked out the colors for the pages and stapled them along one edge. Summer decided her book was going to be about kids and titled it: Kids: Jonathan & Leah. Those are her cousins who she has been missing quite a bit lately. She is constantly wanting to call them. I called my sister yesterday and set up a play date for Thursday. I know all the kids are excited to see each other, I just hope my sister and I are ready for them. :) I'm sure they will run us ragged if we let them.

Vacation Bible school is going great. Summer loves it and really gets into all the activities. Too bad we can't have it a few times over the summer. It seems like a lot of churches are doing theirs this week too. Plus, a lot of churches are doing the same one so if we did go to another one it might be the same thing, only different.

Her music class was cancelled yesterday. But, we are going to make it up today with a family class. Lexie is going to get to join us in the class so I am really hyped up about that. Summer is excited about me being in the class with her too.

She is so detailed and precise it is scary sometimes. It's like her brain is working in over drive or something. I hope it will not hinder her people skills. Some kids with extreme intelligence isolate themselves unknowingly and can be unenjoyable to be around at time. I doubt she's in the extreme state anyways, although she's closer to that than slow. I feel so blessed to have her and be able to guide her throughout her childhood. Although I'm sure I don't do everything right, I try to put her first and give her all the attention and love she needs.


Susie said...

That sounds like fun making a book. Hope she enjoyed herself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, thinking of you today and praying.

The LORD gives strength to his people;
the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11