Monday, June 14, 2010


The end of season t-ball picnic was yesterday at Jenkins Park. It was so miserably hot outside, but we survived it. Clint had to retire to the living room when we got to Selena's after being overheated out on the playground. You didn't even have to play to do that though. The kids cooled off in the stream after their faces were all red and sweaty. It was slippery, but for the most part no one got any major injuries. The kids loved wading in the water. One of Summer's fellow team mates had broken his leg two weeks ago and was sporting a cast up to his hip almost. I can't imagine having an immobile child for 6 weeks, but I know some people deal with that daily in their lives. I'm still counting my blessings.

The Lynch's invited us up to a slip-n-slide afternoon. The kids loved it. Summer was a little hesitant at first, but by the end of the day, she was running and jumping, landing on her knees and flying to the big puddle at the bottom of the slide. Mo and I also joined the kids, however now that I think of it, my buddy didn't do it once. Hmmm. :) We also filled up the kiddie pool, but it was 2nd choice to the slip-n-slide. We ended up staying for an awesome home cooked (and grown) meal and left with full bellies and happy hearts.

The girls took a bath when we got home and were quickly tucked into their respective beds. Today is Summer's first day of summer camp (Zoom Zoom) at the Bright Funstitute. So, I wanted them into bed early so they would be rested this morning. I had to wake Summer up a little after eight so that she could get ready and eat something before we left. This was so unlike her, but I'm not complaining. Lexie was her usual late sleeping self so I had to wake her up too. Lucky for me, they neither one were grumpy this morning. Such treasures they are!


Selena said...

The slip-n-slide was fun to watch but I know better than to try it! I was surprised Mo did it, last time she was sore for days! We had a blast yesterday! Willow thinks we should have slip-n-slide day everyday, I told her maybe once a week!

Susie said...

Glad to see that she enjoyed the slip and slide. Ellie loves it. Hope she likes and enjoys camp.

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