Saturday, December 5, 2009

"It's Christmas!"

This morning we arose to snow falling. When I told Summer, she said, "It's Chrismas!" :) It was cute. So, we bundled up and headed out to play in it before it melted (sure enough it's 90% gone now). It was fun. The snow was perfect for snow balls. Summer's gloves were not the water proof kind so her hands got cold. I gave her my leather ones and everytime she threw the snow ball, a glove fell off. I made some snow angels on the bridge which she thought were neat, but didn't follow suit.
We've already flipped Christmas countdown to 19 (but now that I look at the calendar I realize it's 20). We've got two Christmas parties today. Summer got another invitation in the mail yesterday. After today, we have 4 Christmas parties and 2 birthday parties before the 15th. WOW! We are busy little socialites over here. It feels good to be enjoying life and not worrying too much (about Summer anyway).

Her hair is very visible now and still blonde as can be. She felt her eyebrows yesterday. I am going to miss the bald head a little though. It was just so shiny and smooth...and tear-free due to the lack of hair (and thus tangles). I wonder if she will get her wavy, wild hair back. Only time will tell.

For now, life is good. We have enjoyed the company of Lexie for the past few days. Summer does really good with her and is learning that it is okay if Lexie messes her toys up a bit. Lexie has done a good job clearing out the last of the stage 3 baby food we had left from Summer....and the rest of the size 3 diapers.
Here are some pics from the last week. We are living it up over here!

Summer was really smiling for the camera in this pic with our tree. She LOVES the Nativity!

Her cake was awesome at the party they had for her at the clinic.

Princess Summer is done with chemo. Her main Dr. is the tall guy behind her.

All bundled up and headed to to the mall.

Liliana and Summer ride the train.

Rock City was a blast for Santa's elves.

Lexie drives at the mall.

Summer, Lexie & Clint ride the train.

Our snowman.

She loved this flower.
Happy Holidays to you all! Hope you enjoy each and every day!


Krissy said...

She certainly sparkles with that smile of hers! Love the princess crown at the No More Chemo Party!

Summer's looking wonderful! Happy Holidays to you guys too!

Susie said...

Se is really getting to look like she is enjoying life again. I am so happy for her.

Happy Holidays to you guys!!

Kristi J said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing the darling blonde curls again, but I can imagine they will be quite the challenge to tame. My daughter has similar hair and it can get quite crazy, especially when she wakes up. But I love it still.

We had snow here too, and I am so not a fan of cold weather. It's pretty to look at and for the kids to enjoy for the day, and then I am all about it melting completely the next day.

Cute pics, and you guys do have quite the social calendar!

Bridgett said...

She looks so happy and healthy!
Makes my heart happy. :)

I'm excited to see how her hair gros back too, btw!

Stephanie said...

I love her cake! That's awesome!!!! Yay for no more chemo!!!!!!