Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A day at the mall

Yesterday, Summer and I met up with some friends at the mall. We got there a little early, so we stopped by the jewelry store to see what they had. There were several things Summer liked, but we didn't get anything because I knew we had to come back later to shop for hairbows with our friends. Not for Summer, of course. She might wear a headband, but not for too long. Her bald head is rather slippery and she just doesn't really care to wear them very often. Anyway, we headed to the indoor playground to meet up with Alicia, Liliana and Laila. On the way, we stopped to get an angel off of the Salvation Army tree. I wanted to get a 3 year old girl, like Summer, but there weren't any so we got a 2 year old. It was fun shopping for her, although it did call for a bit of running around. After the playground and train ride, we went to Build-a-Bear to get some accessories for Teddy. Summer had a gift card from someone at my dad's work and $10 from a lady at church and a $5 coupon. So, we really only had to spend $2 of our on money on an outfit, a couple pair of panties, hair bows and a snuggie for Teddy. Deal!

After that we headed to Santa. The girls just sat on his lap to tell him what they wanted. We didn't even get pics taken because I am waiting to see if I am getting a voucher for free pics at our breakfast with Santa in a week or two. Those pics are expensive this year! I went to a different mall for pics last year, and I don't think they were quite this expensive. But, you gotta have the pic with Santa. And, he don't work for free, ya know! Summer is going to have her fair share of Santa run ins this season. Last night, we were at Rock City and she sat in his lap again. She keeps asking for Zhu Zhu pets. The first Santa had heard of them, but the second Santa must just have started because he look puzzled. :) As for the dart board, she now is saying her Daddy is getting it for her. Good luck getting him to shop! :) Although, I am already preparing Summer to take her Daddy their so they can get me something. LOL Unlike him, I am not hard to shop for. That must be where Summer gets it.

We found a few cute outfits on sale for our angel at the mall. Then, we headed to ToysRUs to browse the toys. Surprisingly, we did not buy anything there. I already pretty much knew the toys I was going to get were coming from WalMart anyway. I was looking for an electronic (or "electraconic" as Summer says) puppy or kitty. Summer found the perfect one for her. No, not the angel. For Summer. LOL I ended up getting two. One for the angel, and one for Summer. Yep, I'm a sucker. But, they were only $9 which is a deal compared to the $50 cat she has. Plus, we can't have a real dog. By the end of the year, we will have a house full of electronic pets! I must say batteries are cheaper than pet food. And, the toy pets are a lot easier to clean up than poop. :) Summer already loves her dog, Patsy. Patsy got a present from under Summer's tree this morning..."early" she told me. I imagine she is referring to her gift for her real dog. She plays with Leah, too, all the time. She is now snuggled up on pillows in Summer's floor, covered in blankets and wearing the princess tiara Summer got at her no more chemo party on Monday.

After we got all the gifts, we ran back to the mall to turn it in. We also picked up a gift I had seen earlier on our trip that I regretted not getting for a friend. I guess the Christmas spirit is stirring around here. Maybe we'll spend the day wrapping up gifts and listening to Christmas music. I'd love for Summer to learn the Christmas carols I grew up singing. Tonight, I am planning on taking her to church to practice for the children's Christmas play. Maybe if she can learn the songs, she'll get up on the stage with the other kids. Fingers crossed.


KK said...

I'm positively thrilled to hear all these normal wonderful Christmas"y" things are going on! God is good, I'm glad she is doing well.

Susie said...

I am soooo glad to hear that she is finally getting to do some fun things without being sick. This Christmas season sounds like you are going to have a blast.

the mol said...

Sounds like a blast!

Bridgett said...

Sounds like a busy but fun day!

Autumn loves those electronic pets too, although we're contemplating getting a real dog. :)


Anonymous said...

Good morning Summer, Wow! You have been busy! Glad that you are having such a great time and NO MORE CHEMO!! Yay! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless