Monday, December 7, 2009

18 Days and counting

Last night, I wrapped some of Summer's presents so that I will be ready for the 12 days of Christmas. Yes, it's a go. I have picked up so many small things throughout the year and even found a few left from last year that she did not open. I am so excited to be ready for all 12 days. Even more excited to see her face. I have warned her that after Christmas we are going to lay off the presents and toys until her birthday. I hope she doesn't go into shock. LOL That's not really funny, but this is the point where life has brought us and we are managing well, in my opinion. She is a well adjusted and mannered child to have received all the spoiling she has over the last 9 months. She has been testing me a little lately, but I am not backing down. When I say something, I mean it. No wishy-washy parenting from me. She is a good girl though. Truly. She does not destroy or do devious things. When she spills or messes something up, she generally fesses up right away. How in the world did I get so lucky?
When she got back from her sleepover with Memaw this morning, we made the gingerbread house in the picture. It was lots of fun. First, she helped me make the icing. We had a small mishap when she started dumping the measuring cup of warm water into the bowl. We only needed 3 tablespoons and I don't know how much we got in there, but we dumped a lot out and still had to add lots more powdered sugar. No big disaster though. Summer mixed it with the electric mixer for most of the 2 minutes. Then she wanted a beater. Then she wanted the spoon. :) By the time it was thick enough (tooth paste consistency), she was ready to decorate. She did the roof all by herself. Then she helped me with the small bead-like candies. After we finished, she picked out the perfect spot for it by the tree and a few reindeer. She likes to make decisions. Her dad even says she's bossy at times. I say she's just a girl who knows what she wants. Either way, we love her to death and would do anything for her.
Lord, let your light shine!


Susie said...

Cute Gingerbread house. We tried doing one of those last year and lots of trouble but was fun.

Kristi J said...

I love that photo! Summer looks so proud of her Gingerbread House. You know, those kits start out seeming like a great idea, but when the walls of the house don't want to stand up on their own and you have to keep fixing them (ugh, the sliding roof is a nightmare), and then (in my family's case) you have three independent minds on how exactly the gingerbread house should be decorated. Well, it really isn't all the fun it is cracked up to be! I several times had to threaten that I was going to take the "house in progress" away and finish it up myself if they didn't stop arguing! lol

But, I still buy one every year. If you shop Costco, I think the one they sell there comes with the most candy. :)

JC said...

Kristi, the house we got was already put together. We just had to decorate. I guess I got lucky and will know not to fool with the other kind in the years to come. :)

Kristi J said...

Oh that's good! I think putting the candy on is the fun part anyway, so you didn't miss anything with it all pre-assembled. I reread my last post and realize I sound really jaded about gingerbread houses. I guess that is what I get for commenting so soon after we did our own gingerbread house. Maybe I should have let a few days go by so I could look back with only the happy memories of it. HA! Seriously though, it is a great project and the good outweighs the stress!

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, The gingerbread is awesome! You did a great job! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless


Bridgett said...

She looks so happy.
It makes ME happy to see her looking so wonderfully.


-*aMaNdA*- said...

12 dAYS OF CHRISTMAS.. I bet she loves that! :)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

She looks so cute in that pic!

I can imagine it would be incredibly hard NOT to indulge a child that is going through something so emotionally and physically draining. I am so glad she's feeling well. And honestly, ALL 3 year olds are a bit, um, hot-headed and believe that they should be in charge. :)