Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Days....

On the second day of Christmas, Summer's elf brought her a Santa gumball machine. She liked it and has been using her money to get the gumballs out. Today, she got some workbooks (letters, math, counting and colors). Now I just need some patience to go through them with her. Anybody got an extra box or two? :) She is really loving the elf bringing her surprises everyday. She is curious how he comes to life though. Must be Christmas magic! LOL

Last night was Summer's last Christmas party. It was on the riverboat, and we all enjoyed it. Good food, friends, Santa, magic show - what more could we ask for? We even got the pics with
Santa right away this time! The night before was the Make-A-Wish party at the Discovery Museum. It was also a lot of fun. That night she got her picture made with a Mickey Mouse Santa. Also, got that pic before the party was over - AWESOME! She enjoyed them both (as did I), but I am glad they are over. Now we only have family get togethers left.

We went shopping yesterday....for others. Of course, she saw a Littlest Pet Shop toy that she begged for the whole time we were in TJMaxx. I was strong though and did not cave. We were in giving mode, not receiving. She picked out a gift for her brother and her Nanny. She came up with the ideas of what to give them all by herself. Of course, I won't share what they were on here, just in case they are reading. Today, we went again, but she was treated because I was distracting her from wanting to go to the "airport" (really court). So, I told her I would get her a surprise from Walgreens since we needed to go there anyway. She ended up with a big, soft white bear. Just what she needed.....I also ran in ToysRUs to finish up her Zhu Zhu pet tunnel accessories which will be from Santa. She has not asked him for anything but Zhu Zhu pets. Thank goodness! We both scored some new shades in the mall. She met a little girl at the playground and on the way to the car told me they were friends. Too cute. If she sees her again, she says she will "tell" (she meant ask) her what her name is.

She has been eating really good, but not as often as before - thank goodness! Her weight was only 35 pounds on Monday (compared to 37 three weeks ago). That is still great though.

She is currently running around in her panties because she is "sweating." Oh to have her energy again.....of course showering might be needed more often with all the sweating. LOL

Tonight is the Christmas play at church. She is not planning on performing, but maybe she will on a last minute whim. No pressure here because I would just as well like to have her sitting by my side to watch it. Plus, then I don't have to stress about her getting up in the middle of the play and saying she is thirsty. It should be entertaining however it turns out.


Anonymous said...

Good mornig Summer, glad that you and Mommy are having so much fun preparing for Christmas! Please know that we are praying for you!!

God bless


Bridgett said...

I suspect she's sweating to detox...and that's a good thing. :)