Monday, December 14, 2009

The 1st day of Christmas

...a day late! Only 11 days until Christmas.

Summer did not start off on a good note with her elf. When I left for church Sunday morning, he had a present for her. But, by the time we had gotten home he had hidden it again. She really wanted it the rest of the day, but her name was scratched from the good list as she refused to practice for the play at the last practice Sunday morning. At first she was cooperative, but that quickly changed. My, oh my, it was so frustrating. I had already laid out the good girl groundwork and it went up in smoke, just like the present.

I am really having somewhat of a time getting her to understand who is in control around here. Unfortunately for her, it is not usually the 3 year old. I know it will take some time as she was used to getting her way most of the time for the past year. It's not her fault, she just has to be reprogrammed per say. Lately, at bed time, she will complain of her belly hurting and give me a hard time about going to bed (not sleepy, not done playing, wanting to watch a cartoon, hungry). A lot of times that is cured by letting her sleep with me until Daddy comes to bed. No big deal. But, there are times when Daddy and I are ready for bed and she is not. A few times, I have let her stay up for a while. I am going to break her of the habit though because she needs her sleep and gets up at around the same time (7:30) regardless. Naps sometimes are the problem... especially those pesky late afternoon naps. If only life could be perfect.....

This morning Summer's elf had recovered the present and she was happy to find him sitting on top of it. What a great way to start the day -- smiling! All day long yesterday, she wanted to look for it and see if she could find it. Not to actually open it, but to see what was in it. LOL When she opened it this morning, she found a Rudolph lightup shirt and several pairs of light up socks (thank you clearance rack after Christmas last year!). She loved them and wore some of them today.

She's been on the nice list all day so far. She had an appointment at the clinic for her monthly anti-biotic. That went pretty good. I don't think there were any tears during the port process, but she definitely did not enjoy it. All of her counts were up which is obvious just by looking at her and seeing the bundle of energy she has become. High, high numbers which all pleased me and Dr. Gratias very much. She played with the lots of kids today and was not clingy at all. When the IV finished up, she was ready for a nap though so we sat and rocked in a non-rocking chair. Then food appeared and it was like the light came back on and up she went. She had some of a brownie and a fudge round. Healthy, I know. Then she got a piece of chocolate cake for the road (hope Daddy gets to it before I do). She's helped with Christmas cards and is now letting me blog. :) Looks like the elf just might find another gift for her tonight!

P.S. I am not happy with my camera at all. Blurry, blurry, blurry. Hope Santa brings me a new one early!!! Or, maybe I'll just run to the store myself.


Susie said...

Good luck with the changing of the attitude. I know she is a sweet little girl so it shouldn't be hard. She is looking good.

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Bridgett said...

I think all kids go through that stage...where they think they rule the roost.

It's definitely not fun. LOL

I need a new camera too. Mine is driving me bananas.

So glad to hear how good her counts are! Yay!