Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"A fun sleepover"

We made our yearly trip to the Opryland Hotel this week. Summer sent Santa an email and received one in return. Looks like she is on the nice list so far. :) She was very tired from a long day at the Dr.'s office with Daddy, but she did manage a smile for me in front of the big poinsettia tree.
She was anxious to ride the horse drawn carriages, but we had to wait. So, we made our way to the train and she was the conductor on her ride.
After that, we headed out to the carriages where she took this picture.
She insisted in sitting on her own seat (at least for the first half of the ride). She points to things we need to look excited!
Afterwards, she pets the horse who gave us the ride.
Her favorite part of the trip was the pool and hot tub. Not sure how she managed to get in the floor, but it was really not a long wait for the elevator.
We went into the Opry Mills mall for lunch and discovered the most awesome carousel in the world. It had spinner on it. So, not only were we going around in circles, but we were spinning too! Yep, she LOVED it!!!! So much, that we had to ride twice. Lucky me....
Of course, I think she could've stayed on it all day. Can't say the same for myself.
We went to ICE which was Charlie Brown themed and VERY cold! She cried before we went in because her hands were too hot....we weren't going to have a repeat of last year where she was so cold she couldn't wait to get out. She had on tights and pants, a long sleeve shirt and two jackets and a hot. I didn't hear any complaints this year although my hands were freezing so I imagine hers were too. She loved the ice skating Snoopy.
She did get on the slide this year, although the first time she went down she had to scoot herself because her pants were sticking to the ice. The second time, I had her lay down so the coat would let her slide faster. It worked. Mommy's are so smart!
The elf did manage to bring Summer a surprise even though we were not home.
And today, she got her first make-up set. Thankfully, it is 95% lip gloss. She did rather enjoy the body glitter and even has sparkly hair today.
We are all ready for Christmas. The stocking are out. The presents are almost all wrapped. We just need to make some cookies for Santa, but we will do that before bed. We are cheating and using refrigerator cookies. It will be a busy day and I don't think Santa will mind. Especially, if I'm the one who will really end up eating them. :)
Merry Christmas to all!


KK said...

What fun! She looks beautiful!

Susie said...

You all looked liked you had a very fun time. I love the Opryland Hotel also. We usually go there every year too. I think this is a very beautiful place. Love shopping at the mall too. Didn't get to go this year though. Glad that you all enjoyed it this year.

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of Summer on the carousel! Know what you mean about kids and circles....mine can stay on long after my tolerance has expired and I am green!
Merry Christmas to you and your precious family.
Praying health and happiness for you all in this new year and always.

Kristi J said...

Great pictures! Looks like alot of fun and I love seeing Summer so happy!

Krissy said...

Merry Christmas!!

Bridgett said...

This all looks like SO MUCH FUN!