Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tossing and turning

I hope Summer slept more peacefully than I did. I am about to go wake her up and head to the hospital. They have to put her under today which they ended up not doing on Monday because she was such a big girl and laid still for them. Today, we won't hve that option though because MRI's are loud and scary. But, I'm not telling her that. I just hope they don't try to take her away from me. Last time, the tech asked her if she wanted to come with him for a little while and held his arms out to her. She did NOT reach for him. I was glad that they ended up letting me hold her hands the whole time. Of course I was probably exposed to some radiation from the scanner, but it was worth it. She remained calm and only a few tears were shed when they tried to get her to wear the mask that would've put her to sleep. She didn't like it from the get go, and then when she did decide to let them put it on her, it smelled awful. Where was the bubblegum scent? The techs did not know. The main radiologist (I assume) came out and asked her if she could lay still and I got her on that game page. The tears stopped, she laid down, they put Teddy on her chest, and I talked her through it. She did, of course, cry when they accessed her port. Some things never change there. She was happy to know (and will show just about anyone) that her port was going to be left accessed all week long. Enough torture is enough in our opinions.

We got a few decorations up yesterday. Summer asked for the Christmas music when she was redecorating her tree a bit. LOVE IT! A girl after my own heart. We also made some oatmeal raisin cookies which she really likes. A lot. She had 3 or 4 before bed last my bed. That did NOT make for an easy night's rest. Cookie crumbs in bed = :( But, I guess she is worth it. She got to play with her Memaw for a few hours while we went to the movies. They had a lot of fun and were, of course, hiding when we got back. Summer loves to play hide 'n' seek.

Well, that's all the time I have. Wish us luck at the scan this morning!


Susie said...

Thinking and praying for Summers scan.

marijeighn said...


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lmt1073 said...

sending prayers your way... and strength.. lots of it.

JC said...
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Bridgett said...

I hope all went well with the scans. I'm still hopefully I'll know soon.

Big hugs!