Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling good in the hood

Well, not actually the hood....

Summer's white counts were up to 2.3 today. Her ANC was 1,400. She has to be at 2,000 to get off the shots, so they gave her two more to get her up that high. Dr. Gratias was afraid if we stopped the shots too early, her white count might plummet down to .5 again so he wanted her to get a few more to be on the safe side. Her platelets were low, but apparently not too low at 28,000. She did bleed a bit when I gave her the shot tonight so I am hoping they do not get any lower. She has to go back later this week for another count check.

She is definitely feeling A LOT better. We went to the playground this evening which was the first time in a while. She ran and played and slid with me at her side. It was fun and SOOOOO nice to see her having so much fun and feeling good. I've almost got my little bundle of energy back! Thank the Lord!!!!

Then we went to Greenlife and picked up some organic food for dinner. Not sure it will help to eat that way only once in a while, but it was a nice treat and turned out really yummy. I really do believe that cancer is lurking all around us in our food and water. There is just too many people with it these days for it to be something that is not a product of our environment and the things we eat. Scary, but I'm going to try to not worry about it. It won't do any good.

I am being beckoned by Summer for more food. She is always hungry it seems. I wonder what she will want now. She's had baked beans, 3 string cheeses, a Nestle Crunch, a brownie, French fries, 1/2 hamburger, garlic bread, tortellini, tomatoes, and cantaloupe so far today. Baked beans it is again. That SOOO does NOT sound good to me. Chocolate, on the other hand, DOES! Maybe she'll grow out of it....LOL.


Kristi J said...

I love to hear that Summer was having a great day today! Good appetite and fun! Way to go! I agree though, chocolate sounds way better than baked beans. :)

Susie said...

Glad to see that Summer is feeling better. I agree with the food we eat causing cancer. I think it is all the additives they add to our foods.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Summer- glad to hear that you are feeling good. Surrounding you with lots of prayers.

God bless


Bridgett said...

Man, can that girl eat when she's feeling well! LOL

I'm just glad she's feeling better.

As for food and the environment and cancer? Oh yea. I'm in total agreement. Just in a glass of milk you can find antibiotics and hormones. Not cool.

We do organic anytime we can. It's just hard to find around here and it's SO EXPENSIVE. We do our best though.

Any word from Clint's scans yet?