Sunday, November 1, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Okay, so I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll start with the bad news. This morning Summer was running a fever, 101.7, which landed us back in the hospital (same room as last week, 328). Readmitted within 72 hours of last visit? YES! :( She is on a different antibiotic than last week since she has mouth sores now - Meropenem. Her platelets are low (18,000) so I suspect she will get some of those later today.
Yesterday, she wasn't feeling good either. One indication was her refusal to wear her Halloween costume. Yep, that's right she did not wear it. Oh well. She did get a princess bucket full of candy at the church trunk or treat though. She circled the lot a few times, her dog on a leash at her side. :) It was our first experience with trunk or treat and it was a good one. She was ready to leave a little before it was officially over so we gave the rest of our candy out and headed home. She woke up about 3:30 a.m. hungry. I noticed blood on her mouth and hand and thought her thumb was bleeding again. But, it wasn't. Mouth sores were the culprit this time. She hadn't complained about them at all prior to this, only belly pain. Wait, she did cry a little when we were brushing her teeth last night so we got the Perodex out and she swished then. I guess it is a good thing that they are not hurting her too bad. She is still eating which is a pleasant surprise. Taco Bell is her restaurant of choice this weekend. She is probably the only kid in America who hasn't eaten one piece of her Halloween candy yet. Hope she starts eating it soon because I really don't need to eat it myself. I didn't bring it to the hospital with us though because I don't think I could keep my hands out of it. LOL Here are some pics from last night:
That's Memaw with Summer and Scratch
trunk or treat
not going to skip Mommy's trunkShe did pose with a cat! Meow
Summer and Scratch snuggled up together.
Memaw and Nanny dressed up too. Love it!
Summer gets some love from Scratch at Memaw's house last weekend.If I squat to take her picture, she thinks she needs to squat too! LOLTo catch up from last week, we got out of the hospital Thursday afternoon after 4:00 p.m.. I was so ill by the time we got out, that there were definitely no tears of joy or sadness in leaving the hospital for what I thought would be the last time. She had to get platelets and it took forever for them to get to her room. We had plans to go to Boo in the Zoo at 5:30 and still made them although I wasn't sure she would be up to it. She woke up that morning tired and stayed that way most of the day. She actually told me when she got up that we wouldn't be able to go to Boo in the Zoo because she was going to be sleeping. LOL Anyways, we are lucky we only live 5 minutes from the hospital and zoo. We went home and quickly changed and headed out. It was fun although she again refused to dress up. She was stroller bound most of the visit, but got a second wind after we walked through the entire zoo and were headed out. She then decided she was ready to play some of the games they had going on. It was good to see her up and smiling and having fun. She has been so tired and puny lately. I can't wait until her counts are up and she is back to feeling good again. I pray it will be soon and she will stay healthy over the winter months. We have had enough sickness this year already. Although some of the following pics don't mean as much to me as they did earlier today (before we came to the hospital) I am going to include them in this post.
Guess who won at Pretty, Pretty Princess....
The last picture (I had hoped) of Summer in a hospital bed.
Dora and a princess put a smile on Summer's face.
Summer loved the creepy house at the zoo.
SpongeBob posed with Summer.
Memaw and Summer snuggled up together on the hay ride.
I love this picture of my mom and Summer.
I am sad that we are not at home playing with Lexie today, but God had other plans for us. He sure has blessed us in so many ways, but there are always days when not everything goes out way. I am thankful for all we do have and the good memories we have made this year despite all the crap that we have experienced due to cancer. Here are a few more pics from the past week or so I wanted to share.
Summer and Lexie playing in Summer's toy bedroom.
Jonathon had a little too much stamper fun on his forehead before heading to Disney on Ice. No one asked about it though. :)

Leah was excited to go to Disney on Ice for the first time.
Summer enjoyed her second trip to Disney on Ice so much that she gave me a big smile.
Please continue to hold us up in prayer as we wait on scan week to get here. She will be having a bone scan, MRI and CT scan. I've already got scanxiety. Two more weeks to go.


Susie said...

Sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. I will be praying for the upcoming scans.

Kristi J said...

Praying for clear scans. Hope Summer is feeling better!

Krissy said...

The trunk-or-treat looked like a lot of fun! So sorry you guys ended back up in the hospital again though! Fingers crossed for clear scans!!

the mol said...

Such a bummer--Chuck and David just went in tonight. He got platelets this morning.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Sweetie, I'm sorry things aren't going well. I'm hoping with my whole heart that you get good results on the scans.

Summer is absolutely adorable, you know. She's a beautiful child and made me smile when my world was beginning to crumble. Hold her tight...

Bridgett said...

I hate that your back in the hospital...but the pictures are great!

I adore your pic entries. :)