Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking through the clouds

Sorry for the slacking on my part in updating the blog this week. We came home Wednesday after lunch at the hospital. Thank goodness we got to eat lunch there! LOL I must say I will not miss eating chicken fingers for lunch and dinner every day. My bacon and egg sandwich served to me every morning I just might miss though. :)

Summer's white blood counts were still nothing on Wednesday so we are still on the shots which she is putting up a big fuss about every day. I can only imagine what it feels like. No, I can't. Poor baby. We are almost through with the sickness that comes along with being treated with chemotherapy. I can't wait to have my bouncy, bubbly girl back. Or, whatever she will be. I just want to see her well and happy, loving life.

She spent the night with her Memaw last night, but she didn't really want to. She cried and told me she was scared. I know that just meant she didn't feel too good and wanted me to be close to her. But, her daddy and I had a date so I had to nudge carry her out the door with promises of picking her up after the movie should she be awake and needing me. Usually, the thought of going to Memaw's house brings on a big smile and a woo-hoo. Oh to have her well again.....

We just have to be patient right now. Everything happens in God's time. Not mine or hers. Ultimately, what He has planned is what will be. I have put it all in His hands because they are much bigger and more capable than mine. Listening to the radioathon the past day and a half has really been touching. Hearing stories just like mine, relating to the fears, the unknown. There has to be a reason God put us on this path.

I can't wait to go get my little ray of sunshine so she can brighten this day for me. It's kind of gloomy around here without her.

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Bridgett said... night! What I would give for one of those. LOL

Hope all is well.