Sunday, November 8, 2009

They gotta be up!

Her white counts that is. She seems to be feeling much better and having more energy. She laughed a lot this weekend which was nice. We spent Friday night in Soddy visiting with friends. Summer opted to sleep in our room in her bed rather than upstairs with Katie. She slept in her bed all night which is pretty amazing these days. Her belly always seems to start hurting at some point in the night at which time she comes to my bed for a little while or I go to hers. I am hoping those days will soon be over. Not that I mind sharing a bed with her, but it is rough to get up and down and up and down all night. Plus, anytime she is in discomfort, I feel somewhat helpless. She has been complaining less and less though. I am so tired of all of these chemo side effects taking away her joy and happy nature. I can see the light though and it feels good. I hope today was her last Neupogen shot. Ever. She has been on them almost three weeks now and not one of them was easy. I guess nothing worthwhile ever was easy.

Yesterday, we went to Willow's rock star birthday party. It was fun because the kids were dressed up and all the "cool" adults were too. There were a few lame people who showed up in their regular clothes. The kids rocked out a little with some blow up guitars while watching Hannah Montana (I think). Summer was feeling good and wasn't completely glued to my lap. Her favorite part of the cake was not the icing. Not sure where she gets that from. Maybe her Daddy? Oh well, we made a good team cleaning up all the crumbs on the plate. We left there to go home and rest before meeting up at Chilis to celebrate my granny's 77th birthday. Summer ordered the chili which was nasty to me, but great to her. She really likes chili and also baked beans right now. She will ask for baked beans for breakfast!!! She also likes mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. She'll put a little of each in her mouth and then chew it up. She's been eating (and pooping) like a horse lately. I can't keep her full!

We should be getting the results of Clint's scan sometime this week. Then next week Summer has her three scans. I must say they are the worst part of the process. The possibility of hearing the words "it's back" is scary. I will not live in fear though. God is in control!!!


Bridgett said...

Okay, I had to laugh about the "eating and pooping like a horse" statement. LOL

So glad Summer is starting to feel better.

Please keep us updated on all the scans...okay?


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Sounds like she's feeling good! That is fabulous! Hope it continues. Sending you love!

Susie said...

Glad to see things are looking good for Summer. Praying that all is well with Clint's and Summer's scan.

joe said...

So happy Summer is feeling better & hungry! :)

Kristi J said...

Yay, great news that Summer is feeling better and eating well! And up for a party, too!

I'm praying for good news on Clint and Summer's scans! Praying for all to be clear!

the mol said...

Hoping for NED for Clint and Summer!!!

Krissy said...

It sounds like she's doing better! Prayers are definitely headed your way for both of the scan results!