Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another day in room 328

We are sitting in the hospital bed watching cartoons and surfing the web. Oh, what I wouldn't do to be home right now! Summer is going to be getting more platelets today. Her white blood count is .2 so it doesn't look like we will be ending the shots anytime soon. I thought that since they doubled the dose of Neupogen it would make them go up quicker, but her bone marrow is just worn out right now. I hope Dr. Keates will let us go home tomorrow, but I think Summer will have to be jumping up and down on the bed for that to happen from what she said today. I really hope she is not planning on keeping us until her white counts recover because that probably won't be until next week sometime. I just might be insane by then! LOL

Summer is eating good and hasn't been complaining about the mouth sores too much so they must be getting better. She had chili for breakfast which was followed by 1/2 a sugar cookie left over from yesterday. We are waiting on them to bring her more sugar cookies and she is not waiting patiently. She says she can't wait. Luckily, Barney is coming on so that should help to keep her distracted for another 30 minutes.

Not much else to say. Please pray that we get out of the hospital soon. She does seem to be feeling better than she was yesterday and I am thankful for that. It is no fun seeing your little one suffer.


Susie said...

I know it must suck that you still have to stay in the hospital even though the chemo is finish. I will be praying things starts looking up for you all.

the mol said...

Can I have a cookie?

Anonymous said...

Good morning Summer- sorry to hear that you are still in the hospital. Please know that we are all praying for you!!

God bless


Bridgett said...

Hopefully you're home by now. :)