Saturday, November 28, 2009

November memories

Summer's last visit to the hospital. We did her nails with the kit one of her angels sent her.
Farm animals are a fun sight for these three.
The girls are dressed similar with no planning on our parts.
My little rockstar. She only wore the wig for the pic because it was itchy.
Bubbles never grow old.
I just love how she dresses herself.
Headed to the playground with Barbie.
Daddy climbs with Summer.
Baked beans - breakfast of champions.
Still smiling as we wait for Daddy's last dr. visit. Barbie was a good patient too!
Can't have a sleepover without a little jumping on the bed!
They both loved the swings.
The playground at the campground was a hit with the girls.
Summer and Willow hop into the sleigh while shopping in Gatlinburg.
Santa's sleigh is filled with girls.
Mining was fun for the whole family!
Summer's a cute scarecrow.
Willow and Summer roast hot dogs on our camping trip.
Summer enjoys the campfire.
Summer and Willow rock out with their guitars.
Getting the girls to pose at the same time is pretty hard.
Summer's wingspan is short of a hawks.
Sliding makes her happy.
Lexie is just about big enough to really enjoy the playground on her own two feet.
She's excited to put the star on top!
Being her silly self while decorating.
Making a "dolly" with her clothes before she gets dressed. She does this almost every time!
Summer decorated her tree herself.
Bowling was right up her alley!
The bone scan was the last of her scans - all were clear. Praise God!
Her room is all decorated for Christmas.
She's getting so big, but not big enough to get to the top of her dresser.
Summer shows her pictures to her big sister, Amanda.
At the clinic waiting to be called back, building the train tracks is our favorite things to do while we wait.
Summer liked rat puppet at the Creative Discovery Museum.
Chillin' on the couch with Teddy watching cartoons.
Summer pulls Lexie in close for this pic on Thanksgiving.
Climbing trees with Uncle Bradley, Leah & Jonathan.
Today at the carousel. She was telling me she wanted to ride 2 more times.


Bridgett said... the pictures, especially that purple christmas tree! Autumn is going to be in love. LOL

Also...what a view from Summer's room! Wow!

Susie said...

Love all the pics!! Good job on the tree Summer!!

Krissy said...

Love the tree! And so excited to hear of the clear scans!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates throughout the last few months. I'm so thankful her scans are clear and she can just be the beautiful little girl she is. I'll continue to remember your family in prayer. Continue to keep us updated, love, love the pictures!!