Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bicycles and music

Today was filled with bicycle rides and Wii games. Cookies and Popsicles too. The girls sang and danced at music this morning. They had fun playing different instruments (egg shakers, one bell jingle, rhythm sticks) during some of the songs. During family band time, they got to play a wider variety of instruments at their choice. One of the songs we have done the past two weeks is actually to teach them to help their mom out and clean with a dust rag. Let's hope they really pick up on this one because my house needs some dusting! LOL Their teacher, Janice Bond, is awesome. She used to teach Kindermusik, but set up her own music studio for kids about two years ago. She has been teaching Summer since she was 2 years old. Summer always listen closely at story time, but Lexie has yet to sit on a heart on the blanket. She prefers my lap / crawling all over me. Today Summer had a problem sharing my lap with Lexie a few times. It has been an adjustment for her with Lexie staying with us all the time, but she is learning to accept her and they do play together perfectly at times. Plus, she loves her "except for when she messes up" what she is playing with. It has definitely left her sharing her mommy more than she would want to, but all in all I think it has been a good thing for them both. I hope so anyway. I wouldn't want to traumatize her and give her some sort of complex like sometimes I imagine could happen. I try not to worry about that too much, but I do wonder how the present situation will affect the futures of these children.

They are always wanting me to "come here" - Lexie's favorite words. Or, show me something they made or did. I can barely even sit to blog without them coming to find me. Well, they found me again. I must run to be at their beck and call. A mother's job never ends, and hopefully neither do the fun times with the kids.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I must not have caught why Lexie is with you all the time. Are you her care giver or are you taking guardianship? Either way, kids have had to adjust to "sharing" their loved adults from the dawn of time. It's ALWAYS an adjustment, but I think it's usually for the best to realize that they are NOT the center of the universe, no matter how much we love them!

Susie said...

Love that the girls get along. I know what you mean about telling you to come here. Ellie does the same thing all the time.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Summer, glad to hear that you are doing well. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless