Monday, February 21, 2011

She's not ready, at least in her mind

But, then again, will she ever be? School starts in the fall, and Summer is still not excited about going to kindergarten. She has two school visits and a kindergarten assessment coming up in the next two weeks. I really hope she enjoys the visits and catches some enthusiasm for school. She has been really doing well on her preschool work lately and seems to be liking math worksheets that involve counting and addition. She can count pretty high, almost to 100 if she really tries. She never seems to get the 100 when we count by 10's though. I know she is really smart and will flourish in school. One of the schools we are looking at seems to have a more loving / nurturing environment and I really hope she gets in there. She definitely seems like the type that would enjoy a little coddling every day. Not that the other school isn't awesome too, but it does not have the same values at our #1 choice. Plus, Lexie might get to go to school too if they can both get in at school #1.

She seems to have developed a bad habit which I plan to nip in the bud. She used to grow her nails long. But, in the past few weeks, I have noticed they are short and seem to have been bitten off. We've had a talk about not biting them anymore where she said "I guess" I won't do it anymore. Oh my, I might just have to go buy some of that yucky tasting polish. I hope not, but if it comes to that I will.

Last week, we went to a playground 3 days in a row. The girls absolutely always want to go to the playground. I'm glad there are so many around town. Variety is the spice of life, right? We were going to go to the zoo one day, but it was colder than I had anticipated it would be and I didn't bring a jacket for myself. After our picnic lunch, the girls played on the playground there and then rode the carousel a few times. Maybe it will be warmer this week and we will try again. We are really excited about seeing the baby snow leopard when they bring it out for visitors to see.

Summer has been excelling in her swimming lessons and will be moving up to advanced beginner in the next session. She doesn't mind going under and swimming anymore. She will jump in and go under the water. She really loves swimming around our hot tub. She can almost float on her back by herself. In her class she glides, rolls over to her back and goes back to her stomach and swims to side. I am really excited about her new skills and so is she. She always looks forward to her lessons now. Gymnastics too. Those two activities, along with music keep our days pretty full. But, not too full for the random trip to Chuck E. Cheese. I think we might just have to go there sometime this week.

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