Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vegas Family vacation

Two weeks ago, we headed out to Vegas to visit Clint's family. Summer loves spending time with her cousins out there. Here too for that matter. Every morning Nona would cook a big breakfast and then Summer would excuse herself, wash her hands and face and scamper off to Glen's house to see who would play with her. Lexie enjoyed them too, especially the playground in their back yard.
Our last afternoon was spent at the Mirage's Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden. The dolphins did some tricks which we all enjoyed watching. There was no petting which would've been a major plus, but I imagine it is not really safe for every one to be touching the dolphins. There were some odd looking animals called alpacas to look at.

There were also several species of big cats. White tigers, Bengal tigers, African lions, white lions, and black panthers were some of them. They were all so pretty. I didn't notice any of them looking at Lexie as lunch like I did at Tigers for Tomorrow a few weeks ago. I assume they are well fed living at a casino.

Of course, no vacation is complete without climbing trees. Summer had fun in one of Nona's trees and even wanted to carve her and Lexie's name into it. I think at some point they were actually going to write on it with a marker, but I don't think it ever happened.

Summer had some batting practice with her dad throwing her tennis balls while she swatted them, or rather at them, with a racket. She has no interest in playing t-ball this year, but maybe we could try to head over to the tennis courts and see if she has any interest in it. I think I'm going to put Clint on that job because I stink at tennis.

Summer and Mia totally rocked it out on the Wii playing Just Dance 2, MJ: The Experience, and Rock Bank. Of course, I was right there with them. We all took turns playing the drums, guitar and singing. They both total nailed this move on a duet dance. A trip to Circus Circus could not be skipped. There is not a lot for kids to do in Vegas, but this is one place which will definitely put a few smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, the Adventurdome closed for a week of repairs the day we went. But, the arcade was still open and dispensing tickets so Summer was happy about that. There were also circus acts to watch, but we didn't get to watch a whole show. Next time I will have to check the schedule more closely because Summer was pretty disappointed in that. No worries though because the circus is coming to town soon and we are going.

There is a horse boarding/riding place right down the street and the kids made several trip down there to pet the horses and pony. One horse actually tried to eat Summer's hair which I thought was odd and a bit gross seeing as how he left grassy slobber all over the top of her head. Fortunately, she was not hurt or even scared after the incident. I can't wait for her to get to ride her friend Willow's new pony. I know Lexie will love it too. We've got to make a trip up there one day when it warms up. Hint, hint Buddy.


Susie said...

What a fun trip getting to visit family!! Summer is getting so big and her hair is beautiful like her.

Debbie said...

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