Monday, February 28, 2011

Go away stomach bug!!

This week is not starting off promising with my "big baby" waking up with a stomach bug during the night. Sometimes she is a little baby, but mostly she calls herself a big baby. Last night, Lexie woke up between 11 and 12 and had soiled her clothes and sheets. After cleaning it up, she moved to my bed where she stayed until about 5 a.m. After her 4th time of getting sick, she was ready to go back to her bed. Good thing we have lots of replacement blankets because she took 3 out early in the game. So far today she is just laying around mostly, but does have her moments of playfulness. Summer has showed no signs of sickness yet, but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. My buddy and her family have had it this weekend and we were with them Saturday night at the bowling alley, so who knows whose next?

We had an awesome weekend though. We headed out to the lake on Thursday and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. We rode bikes, colored with chalk, played 4 square, grilled out, and played in the hot tub. One night, we had Memaw and Nanny over for a bonfire. We roasted lots of marshmallows and the girls and I all had it in our hair. That's what happens when you roast three at a time and everyone gets a bite. It all came out easily in the shower the next day which was nice because combing their hair is not the most fun task in the world. Summer wakes up everyday with a "rat's nest" in the back of her hair which is always a pain to get out. Even trying to be extra gentle will cause a few ouches to fall from her lips. I really would like to get a bonnet for her to wear to bed. I wonder if that would help. As a kid, I think a used to where panties on my head to bed at times. I'm not sure if that was to keep it from sticking up or what, but it's definitely crossed my mind as a solution to our nest problem. We still haven't tried it though I have mentioned it to her several times.

Last week, the girls went to the roller skating rink for the first time. Sidda celebrated her 6th birthday party there and invited them to come join the fun. Summer liked it better than ice skating, but she still needs a helping hand to get around the rink. She really enjoyed it when I held both of her hands and sort of pushed her around at a faster speed than she could manage on her own. We only wiped out together once and it was less painful than I anticipated. I wasn't even sore the next day. Summer wiped out lots of times, but she never complained of it hurting her. Lexie used Summer's beginner skates, that she got for her birthday a few years ago, for the first time and really enjoyed it too. Of course, they had to play some of the arcade games too so there were tickets to be cashed in for prizes which Summer always loves. She picked a fun dip which she did share. Maybe we will go back on family night sometime where we aren't so rushed and halfway preoccupied by a birthday party. It would really be cool to get them skating at a young age. It is good exercise and lots of fun, even for me.

Tonight we are going to volunteer for IHN and play games with kids. I think it will be fun for both Summer and I and hope it will be something we can continue to do together. I really want to instill a sense of community and giving to others in both girls. It is important to learn that the world doesn't revolve around you. That's a lesson that cannot be learned too soon in life. It's too bad Lexie will have to miss out tonight, but I don't want to risk passing this stomach bug around. It is no fun for anyone, but it does bring about lots of snuggling which makes it tolerable.

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Susie said...

Hope Lexie feel better soon!! Glad to see both girls has been having fun lately.