Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preschool: Is it worth it?

This morning when Summer was getting ready for school she reminded me again that she does not really like it. She told me she doesn't think I realize just how much she does not. I told her I did. How could I not, she repeatedly tells me anytime we mention it. In a really sad voice, she informed me that one of the reasons she does not like it is because she can't hold her Teddy all day long. It almost broke my heart because I know how attached she is to him and sometimes he just needs to be in her arm. I fought back the tears knowing how much it probably really does bother her that she is not allowed to hold him all day. I asked her if maybe she could just go give him a kiss when she felt like she needed him, but she didn't seem to think that was going to help her much. On the way to school, she told me her stomach hurt. She added that her throat hurt and that she was also a little stuffy. When I told her my belly hurt a little too and my throat was also a little scratchy, she told me her foot hurt too. Then her toe started hurting and it was "the baddest" of them all. Oh my! The girl was really trying to work me over. We got a flat tire about half way there. After it was changed and I was back on the road, she told me that she thought we were going to be too late for her to go to class. We were late, but the front doors of the school had not been locked yet so she got to go to class. She did great at the door of her room today. I had initially told her I was going to drop her off at the door, but since school had already started, there wasn't anyone waiting at the door. So she got lucky and I walked her down to her class. I guess my threat of dropping her off at the door from now on if she cried might have worked. Whatever it was, I was sooooooo relieved to have her just walk in the room and not look back. That all being said, I have pretty much convinced myself that one more month of preschool is enough for us. She also told me this morning that she doesn't think she is learning very much and in a way I agree. We do lots of learning at home. Although the social skills are probably the most important thing she does get out of it at this point, I don't think they are entirely necessary because we are very social people to begin with. Plus, I am tired of hearing about how much she does not like it. I am also tired of trying to convince her that it is a great place to be. While for some kids it is great, I don't think they all need it. I didn't go to preschool and I turned out just fine. She gets plenty of attention at home, and we have plenty of workbooks that will help her learn the things she will need for kindergarten. This is also our last year of freedom to travel at our leisure so all things considered, I'm done with it. I'm not telling her yet though. I haven't quite figured out how to do it without her thinking that she made the decision for me. But, I must admit her reluctance to go did play a part in it. Staying home with me one more year is best for us all I think.

After school today, we picked up Lexie and headed home. After a quick change of clothes, we walked to the Discovery Museum for some fun. Summer was our leader and did a good job of finding the way to the museum all by herself. I did give her the go to cross streets, but she chose the path we took to get there. The kids had fun exploring the different areas of the museum. On the way home, we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream treat. Summer got cake batter ice cream on a cone and Lexie got chocolate cake batter ice cream in a cup. They both loved their treats and quickly gobbled them up.

Over the weekend, we went to Kid's Day at Coolidge Park. All day Friday, Summer and I cooked goodies to take to a bake sale there. She was a great helper as usual. When Saturday morning came around, she was up and ready to go. I decided to go out on a limb and let her ride her bike to the park. So, with Lexie in a stroller, we set out together. Summer was a little nervous at first, but she did a really good job and didn't even crash once. Once we were there, the girls helped me at the bake sale a bit (mostly by eating cookies) until Memaw and Nanny came to take them around to do all the fun things. They came back with bags full of goodies and smiles on their faces. And, those smiles are what I live for.


Christina said...

I wish I had never gone to preschool. I found it completely pointless and I remember at the time me thinking it was completely pointless. I loved Elementary school so I don't think it was the school aspect so much as just preschool being a place where we didn't do much other than play, and I wanted to be doing other things.

So I completely understand Summer feeling that way, I definitely remember doing so.

Susie said...

I agree about preschool!! I think it is pointless. You are doing a great job at home with her so I don't see the need to make her go to any more school than she has too. I mentioned to my granddaughter that mommy is going to put her in preschool next fall and I will be spending time with her baby sister. She informed me that she didn't want to go to school, we'll see.