Monday, October 4, 2010

No time to blog

I feel like I just can't keep up with this blog like I want to. Summer says and does so many things that I want to capture here, but I can't remember them all when I finally get around to writing them. Such beautiful memories....

Summer has been informed that school will be over at the end of October. I don't think it has registered just how short that is though. Her concept of time is still not great I guess because months seem to fly by to me. Where did September go? I am getting excited myself about not having to take her and pick her up. I'm also looking forward to working in the workbooks that we already have. She told me again yesterday that she does not think she is learning anything in school. They did learn to "stop, drop and roll" if their clothes catch on fire last week. Summer missed the firemen and fire truck because she was too sick to go to school on Thursday. That was what she thought anyway. She also told me that she was scared of the firemen that morning. I have no idea why, but I assume the uniforms and/or big truck is intimidating to her. She wouldn't get on the firetruck at the fair Sunday either. The day she missed, I heard her telling Amanda and Josh that she "skipped school today." Yep, she knew she was skipping the whole time. I did take her to the doctor though so we could rule out any illness that might need to be medicated. They said she had a cold and that over the counter medications have been proven to be ineffective. Their recommendation was to let her breathe hot shower air or freezer air. Honey might also help the cough (her only symptom). She's also been taking lots of vitamin C, but her cough has not gotten better. She, again, was not too happy about going to school today even though she only has four more days after today. Thankfully, she did not cry or anything when I dropped her off. She did ask me if I could pick her up from lunchbox early. We'll see....

Last week, we also went to the clinic for Summer's monthly port flush. She put up a pretty big fuss when it came time to access her port. Despite using cream to numb the area where her port is, the anticipation of pain made her fearful and tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was in my lap, as usual. I tried to get her to relax and hold my hands, but it took a minute or two to get her to unlock her head from the left side so the nurse could access the port. When she put the needle in, Summer didn't even flinch so I know she did not feel it this time. They only had to draw some blood and then take the needle right back out. That was nice because the area didn't have time to lose the numbness before the needle was removed. Summer actually flushed her port this time which she used to be unable to do. She weighs a little over 41 pounds and is almost 41 inches tall. Last year she weighed 33 pounds. She has grown so much in the last year, but I guess that is what kids do. They are scheduling her next set of scans now. She will have a CT scan, MRI of the brain, and heart test sometime in November. I am not sure if they are going to discuss taking her port out if everything is okay with these set of scans. She will still be getting scanned every three months for the next year. If nothing shows up during that time, she will be considered "in the clear." I can't wait for that day, although it really won't change anything.

This weekend was busy as usual. Life doesn't slow down much for us. This is what we were doing this time last year. This year, Summer missed the Fun Day at Camp Agape because we already had too much going on. She had a sleepover at her cousin's house. She was very excited to see her cousin Faith who she usually does not get to see. On Sunday, she got to see her cousins again at Sunday dinner. After that, we went to the Autumn Children's festival to have some fun and support the Ronald McDonald House. Summer really enjoyed the petting zoo. She chased the chickens, but could not catch them. One of the volunteers picked one up for her and she got to hold it. She enjoyed that. I feel so lucky to have her in my life so we can have fun times together and make memories that will hopefully never be forgotten. Kids make the world a better place!!!

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