Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer days are coming to an end

Introducing, the one and only, Summer Julianna --my beautiful princess.
She was really checking out her jewelry. It's crazy my aunt's shirts look like dresses on Summer.
Paw-Paw got to pose too

Summer put on a fashion show for us yesterday at my aunt's house. As you can see my cousin Alex, who is in her first year of college, had her all decked out with matching accessories. She even brought home one of the outfits she tried on - the orange one. Go Vols!

She was a big fish too. She swam with my aunt Melody who, besides me, was the only other brave one in the bunch. The water in the pool was cold at about 80 degrees. But, the sun was hot if you sat in it long enough. Summer spent a lot of time inside painting too. She now has a beautiful canvas with a sparkly kitty cat on it. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a pic of it.

This weekend we also discovered what kind of fairy Summer is. Out of Garden, Light, Animal and Water fairies, she chose, drum roll please, Animal. Big surprise, huh? She can now talk to animals and has magical powers where she can move water with her hands and make it go how she wants it too (those are pretty much her words). It all started with a Disney fairies book that allows children to become fairies and write all sorts of things about themselves in. It is really neat as I have discovered what she thinks she is good (playing games) at and what she likes about herself (she can do things and makes things and is healthy enough to play with her toys). Her secret fairy name, that she picked all by herself, is Loveofheart. Shhhh, don't tell anyone! We did not do the whole book, but I am looking forward to filling it out with her some more. She found a recipe for cookies in it and these are what we ended up with after following it. Of course, in the picture in the book, they were beautiful butterflies. Unfortunately, we did not have any butterfly cookie cutters. We did have a shell, a circle, a gingerbread man and a couple of Christmas trees. I think Summer remembered before I found them that we had Christmas trees. I bet she would've used them too if I wouldn't have immediately suggested we use the shell cutter I got from Christina's wedding. They didn't really turn out looking like shells, or tasting very good in Summer's opinion. The were shortbread cookies and had like 3 ingredients. We dipped them in chocolate which I think helped with the taste. I would probably eat them, but they are definitely not my favorite, nor would I care to make them again. Sugar cookies are much butter.
Summer is all ready for Halloween, at least you go by what she is wearing in the pictures. She is not really looking forward to the candy though. She is much more ready for Christmas and was actually disappointed when I told her Halloween is the next holiday. I am betting Lexie will have a lot of gifts this year if Summer has anything to do with it. She likes to pick out things for Lexie lately. She even made her a little gift bag this morning with a few of the animals she got in her goody bag at the consignment sale this weekend. I hope she will have a more giving spirit this Christmas than receiving, but she is only 4 so I'm not going to get my hopes up to high that she isn't going to want everything she sees. The commercials are already getting her. I am starting to think that branching out from PBS and Sprout might not be such a good idea. The other day she told me Sesame Street is for babies. One thing is for sure, TV shows, besides Brain Surge, that have real actors as characters such as Suite Life or iCarly are off limits. I'm just not ready for her to start acting like the kids on the shows do. So far I have not heard that Barney is for babies, but I feel that day may be coming.
The girls got to go to play in the water after their naps the other day. The water was a little cool, but they both had fun playing in it.
They hug which always makes me smile.
"Look Mom! Look!" How many times do I hear that a day? Summer letting me take pictures of her splashing.
Lexie told Summer she could beat her. LOL Well, not really, but she was ahead for a few seconds. Summer blew Lexie away on the way back up to the top.
Lexie kept cleaning the leaves out of the water and handing them to me. Let's hope that's a quality she embraces. God knows I haven't gotten there yet. LOL She does do a good job of putting her toys where they go when told. She also likes to help throwing stuff in the trash can too. Such a sweet little helper she is!!


Summer said...

That water looks so fun and the steps how cute....Summer is so pretty and I love all her little dress up outfits she is beyond presh! It makes me smile so big to see her having such fun....

Sorry I haven't commented in a bit, I have had issues with my health and haven't been able to blog as much as I would like....or at least comment as much as I would like

Summer :0)

Susie said...

Love the cute pictures of her dressed up. The pictures of the two kids are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, looks like you have been having a great time! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless