Thursday, September 2, 2010

Days 4 & 5: More of the same

I can't believe Summer actually cried both days at drop off this week too. She seems so happy when we pick her up with nothing bad to say about her day. Today, they talked about good touches and bad touches. I was caught a little off guard at the parent/director meeting last week when the child advocacy lady told us what she was going to present to the kids. But, it seemed safe enough with little of it actually having to do with "bad touches" in the way I first thought. When I was helping her bathe this evening, she explained bad touches were kicking and pushing and pulling hair. She didn't really say anything about the good touches, but I know she gets lots of them from me. Sometimes my lips just won't stop kissing her soft cheeks. She had homework on Tuesday, so Wednesday we worked on her writing the letters "A" and "a." She did a pretty good job and didn't test my patience too much. She also had a Bible verse to memorize and we worked on it several times throughout the day. For some reason she kept getting the word thankfully confused with the word fearfully. I guess fearfully is just not a word she is familiar with.

On Wednesday, we also got to make a snack for her and her classmates to enjoy today since it was her turn to bring the snack box home for us to fill and send back. She picked angel food cake. She helped me make it by putting the mix and water in the bowl. Then she taste tested the mix, her favorite part. After she was sure it was okay to eat, she worked the mixer around the bowl until it was almost completely whipped up. She did not like the batter as well as the dry mix, but she did enjoy the finished product. Angel food cake is actually one of my favorites since it is low in fat. I ate almost the rest of the cake that didn't get sent, but today she caught me eating a piece so I gave her the last piece and a half. She hastily stuffed it in her mouth. Next week is her first week of full day preschool, and I hope she enjoys the lunches I pack for her. We are supposed to meet the government guidelines for the food groups. Wish me luck with that. I am curious though, does jelly count as a fruit?

This afternoon she took her bike for a ride on the walking bridge. She did really well and will be riding down hill in no time. That is what scares her most. Of course, she was a little scared when the bike got to going fast, but her daddy taught her how to use the brakes. I am excited for her to get the hang of it and put that birthday present to use.

Speaking of presents, she is already asking about Christmas. She just can't wait for it to get here and has already told me what her Memaw is getting her. I wonder if her Memaw knows. If I had to guess, I am sure Summer has already asked/informed her. If not, she wants a big dolphin pillow pet - please. :) Her Memaw got her the small unicorn pillow pet for her birthday which she still loves to play with on occassion. However, she does not sleep with it as it isn't really big enough to use as a pillow unless you don't move at all at night. I have already gotten her several gifts throughout the year, so I'm sure we will end up doing the 12 days of Christmas yet again. I have been doing good at not getting her stuff on a whim lately though. She has been using her own money that she gets from doing her chores to buy her treats now. This week at Wal-mart she bought two packs of silly bandz with her money. Last week, I think she got some gum. She actually got pretty lucky the other day and found a ten dollar bill in a purse I had given her. Of course I let her keep it. I'm just glad it wasn't a hundred otherwise I might have had to trade with her. She is planning on taking her bank to church on Sunday to give to Jesus, or should I say Becky our music minister.

It is so much fun watching her grow up. But, lately she has been telling me "No" that she is not going to do the things I say. She knows back talk is unacceptable, but she still feels the need to see if she can get away with it. My patience has been tested for sure. I have been able to remain calm though and not loose my cool. But, I do not cave and always stick by what I say. She knows this too. Sometimes there is room for compromise, but usually I just hold her to what I said in the first place. I really hope this phase will pass quickly otherwise I see a little girl who will be spending a lot of time in her room.


Susie said...

I am glad she likes preschool even though she cry when you drop her off.Those pillow pets must be popular. Ellie keeps reminding me that she wants a unicorn one, don't know why. I almost gave up when I wasn't finding one. Then I found one in a Rite-Aid of all places. I think I give it to her for her birthday so you won't have to wait for Christmas.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

:) She sure is growing up! I think all kids HAVE to test us at every age, just to become the strong adults we want them to be. Would you really want to raise a wishy washy adult who just accepted everything the way it was presented to her? Nope. But that doesn't make it much easier when they're stomping their feet over putting on shoes to go outside, does it?