Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Such a blessing

We started this week with some fun, no surprise there. :) Summer's first time back at music classes was great. She is in the class without me for the first 40 minutes which she handled quite well. The class had moved to a new location so afterward she was curious as to why and if she could go see her old classroom again because she can't remember what it looks like. After that, she asked when we were going back to Playgym so I guess we will start that up again on Friday. We made our way to the River Park for a picnic lunch and some time on the playground.

Her monthly clinic appointment was after that. She pitched a royal fit getting the port. I actually do believe it hurts when they stick the needle in because it is a big needle and they don't take it right back out. I've decided the numbing cream doesn't do a great job. The needle stays for a few hours before it must be painfully removed again. The doctor asked about port removal, and I am still undecided on this. It means another surgery. It also means no monthly port flushes. Of course, should she relapse, that would mean two more surgeries (one to put a new port in and one to take it out). She has an MRI and CT scan in May, one of which she will have to be put to sleep for. I guess I need to find out how much longer she is going to be getting 3 months scans because she will have to be poked for each of them too. So, what's a momma to do? Leave it in or take it out?

We finished off that day with her 2nd t-ball game. It was definitely her turn to play in the dirt. I had to go out on the field with her this time because she didn't want to go without me. Then she found the dirt. Oh, the fun of filling up your pink and purple glove with dirt! I thought, just for a second, that it was wrong to get those pretty colors dirty. It's just not the same as with a brown glove. Her second time batting, she hit the ball on the first swing and was probably her best hit so far. She got trampled once trying to get a ball. That caused her to get upset, but it didn't last too long. After that, I didn't think she would try to go for a ball again, but she did. And, she got one of them. She is not a fast runner, and I wonder if that is due to the chemo and nerve damage she sustained from her treatment. She has practice tonight after we go over and try our luck at horseback riding. My friend's little girl is in a horse show every week, and Summer just might be interested in doing it herself. We'll see how she does on the horse today.

We've been living it up at the lake some too, enjoying the nice outdoor weather. We went and got our "cool car" the other day. Summer cracked me up on one of our trips by telling me she didn't know why her daddy wanted to get rid of this car. I can't believe she remembers him teasing me about selling it. Anyways, she said we could just tell him "No." She likes the top down sometimes, but not when it is hot because the sun wears her out she says. The other day she was a little mini-me, sporting her bandana and sunglasses as we rolled down the street, with the top down, listening to Beastie Boys. Her song is "She's Crafty." Go figure. She was also singing along with the radio like I do. Good times.

I am so thankful for her healing and truly enjoy every day that I have with her. I am on the fence about preschool still. Or, maybe just being lazy. I really haven't decided where to send her, but I need to go ahead and put an application in somewhere. Two days a week should be plenty I think. I think I can handle missing out on that much of her life. But, five days a week I just can't do. That will come soon enough with Kindergarten. Of course, I could always teach her some stuff at home and just take her to playgroups like we do now and skip preschool altogther. This morning, we worked on writing "A's" for more peanut M&Ms. I guess only time will tell. For now, I'm enjoying making precious memories for us both. Our lives are an adventure, and we have been truly blessed along the way.


Bridgett said... long as she's still getting the 3 month scans, I'd probably choose to leave the port in.

Sounds like you've definitely got some pondering to do though. That is a tough decision.

As for the pillow pets, we ordered them from Fair warning though, they're backordered. It took us almost a month to get ours. They were meant for Parker's birthday (3/14) and we didn't get them until the day after Easter. I ordered them the first of March.

I have heard you can find them in some specialty type shops, but I don't think your mainstream stores carry them yet. I could be wrong, but I've never seen them anywhere.

They're GREAT pillows. Very soft and from what I can tell, well made too. And so many cute animals to pick from! I think the panda is my favorite. ;)

Susie said...

Good to see all the fun memories you are making except for the port part.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time right now!!! Love all the activities you are doing to keep her busy.

Kristi J said...

The port decision is a tough call. Part of me would say have confidence that all is well, and just have it removed, but then I would hate for her to have more surgeries if down the road they needed access. You just shouldn't have to make these kinds of stinky decisions for a child, you know?

Summer might really enjoy preschool if you put her in part time. She's just so smart, she would do really well, plus it might be a nice time for you to run errands and such. I have my 4yr old daughter in preschool three days a week, for just three hours in the mornings and she has such a ball. It's a nice introduction to what school is like, too, so kindergarten isn't quite so much a shock. But, plenty of kids don't ever do preschool and go right to kindergarten, so she'll be just fine whatever you choose. You are a very involved mom, and it sounds like she has a very good social life (ha!).