Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barney still rocks

Summer still enjoys her Barney movies. Her favorites right now are the ones she got in an Easter basket from Selena - "Let's Go Counting" and "Outer Space." She still has pretty much no interest in Disney movies; they are too long for her I guess. I'm not complaining though because Barney is definitely an educational program. We have worked on writing "A's" and "a's" this week. She is doing pretty good at writing them. I've called the preschool that I think I am going to send her to and we may go check it out tomorrow so she can see the kids in the class. She is not against the idea anymore. She really loves learning and going to classes. Lexie has spent the past few days with us, and I have been working on animal sounds with her. It was so exciting yesterday when she saw a duck in the bathroom and said "quack, quack." Just made me smile. She is at the stage where she is repeating a lot of the words and sounds you make. Like "wheeee" on the swing or "shoowee" when I am changing a poopie diaper. Summer is enjoying her more, but is still not completely cool when Lexie plays with the same thing as her. It is cute to see Lexie mimic what Summer is doing. Such cute girls, and I love them both so much.

Summer didn't do the horse show on Saturday night because she waited until the last minute to decide she wanted to do it. She had fun riding Juliet at Willow's the other day though and even got to ride a little bit at the show, just not in the show. Not sure if we will make it to the show this week since it is farther away. I guess if she asks to go we will though.

Well, I have someone looking over my shoulder so I can't finish this now. I think he might have a slight craigslist addiction. :)


Summer said...

How cute she still likes Barney! Kelcee does too! My bestie had a Barnie themed birthday for her 2 year old last year and she had Barney there....it was so cute and Kelcee kept trying to pull the spots off his tail Ha Ha

Sounds like you have a smart little girl! Tell her to keep up the good work in pre school....

have a great evening hope Summer and your hubby are feeling well

Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, have a great day!!

Keeping you in my prayers.

God bless