Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yikes, she wants a bra!

This morning when we were getting dressed, Summer asked me when she is going to get a bra. I told her not until she gets boobs. "Well," she said, "They have them for kids." Oh my, this girl is ready to grow up on me.

She is loving being able to ride her tricycle outdoors when we are out at the lake house. Our friend put up a rope swing which she really loves. This morning she took a few of her most prized puppies (at the moment) for a ride on it. She carted them there in a bag tied to her tricycle. :) She doesn't play much with dolls yet. She prefers her stuffed animals for sure. And, despite all the clearing out a few months ago, she still has a ton.

Summer is ready to give up the city living, as am I (I think). We both love to go outside and enjoy beautiful weather in a private and serene setting (well maybe the last part is my preference). It's just not the same when you are surrounded by random people walking about. She wants a cat and a dog and a playground with a slide and swings to play on. I'd love to have a tree house for her to play in, but we'll have to see what will happen with our housing situation. You never know what life has in store. I try not to plan the future too much because just when I get it all figured out the way I want it, there is a curve ball. But, I do like to think ahead so I will be at least somewhat prepared for whatever comes along next. A year ago, we were here. Now, Summer is a healthy little girl. Well, not so little. She's eating like a champ. Chili is one of her favorite foods. She loves steak too. She'll be outgrowing a size 5 before too long. She wears an 8 or 9 in shoes. She's almost too big to carry. I just so thankful she has recovered so well and is thriving now. I love my big girl, but I'm not ready for her to be in a bra yet.


Susie said...

Tell her she doesn't want to get into a bra yet because they are no fun. She is really growing up to be a healthy little girl.

Summer said...

I just laughed right out loud at your comment of when Summer can get a bra! Ha! Ha! What a smart little girl to know they make them in small sizes....that is Ha-larious! Oh my goodness they grow up way to quick! Glad she is doing so well :0)

Tell her bras are no fun at all and they are very uncomfortable LOL

Summer :0)

Bridgett said...

Oh my. A bra! LOL

Thank goodness Autumn hasn't asked me for one of those yet. I was such a tomboy when I was younger, I didn't wear a bra until 4th grade and mom had to FORCE one on me even then. I've always been rather well-endowed on top. ;)

You know, Autumn will be 6 in November and she wears a 9.5 shoe and a 5/6 in her clothes. She and Summer are close to the same size! LOL