Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two more parks down: SeaWorld & Animal Kindom

What a whirlwind of a week! Tuesday we went to SeaWorld. We arrived at the park just before 10:00 a.m. and rushed to the the dolphin cove for the dolphin feeding. Summer got free fish to feed them with her pink Give Kids the World button. She didn't want to touch the fish though. I did finally get her to feed one of the dolphins the last fish. They were so friendly and swam right up to us. We got to pet them and I was surprised at they way they felt. Not slimy at all like a expected. After that, we viewed our pics and Summer decided that was what she wanted for her souvenir. Of course, she did not want it in a frame, but it came in one and there it her dismay. She wants it out so she can put it with her "collection." She has the pic of her, BJ and Baby Bop from Universal and a few postcards which make up her collection. There were a few rides at the park, including a carousel and a few spinning rides which she loves! Luckily, I can still ride them with her cause Daddy definitely can't. We saw lots of cool aquatic animals and a few good shows while we were there. She really enjoyed the Pets Ahoy show which starred mostly dogs and cats. After it was over, we headed back to the village so we could enjoy the pool some more. After dinner, we went to the icecream palace for a treat. Summer took her cotton candy she got at SeaWorld so she could put it in an ice cream cone. Not sure where she got that idea from. That night she played putt-putt for the first time. I think her daddy finally got her to hold the club semi-right by the end of our 7 holes.

Yesterday, we got up and ate breakfast while daddy went to the walk-in clinic down the street to discover he had an infection in his arm below where his picc line was a few weeks ago. He got a shot in the rear, :D, and a few prescriptions to knock it out. While he was gone, we went to the horse corral and Summer took a ride on Ginger. When he returned and ate breakfast himself, we headed to Animal Kingdom. The safari experience was pretty cool, just like being in Africa. One part of the park featured a veterinarian office where they treat and do check-ups on all the animals at all of the Disney parks plus any injured animals they find along the way. Summer was completely enthralled by the vet talking about animals they had treated and showing their x-rays. But, afterwards when I asked her if she still wants to be a vet, the answer was no. Now she wants to be nothing when she grows up. She did finally decide she will just be an "eater." LOL We have a long ways to go though before she really decides what she wants to be in life.
Last night we went to the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament just down the street. It was a great experience for us all. No silverware, but Summer did say they plates were silver. :) Our team was the green team which was the bad guy. He almost won, but of course in the end did not. I am glad we got a good discount there because it was rather expensive. But, I guess we were worth whatever it would cost anyway.

Today we are headed back to the Magic Kingdom for our last full day here. I am sad to see this vacation come to an end, but all good things must I suppose.


LRO said...

I am so glad you all are having so much fun!!! I hope Clint gets to feeling better! Take care!

Lindsay O.

Stephanie said...

How fun! You are getting some great pictures and even better memories I know.

Hate that Clint had to go to the doctor while he was there but praying he feels better and the meds knock out the infection quickly!!!!!

Susie said...

Sounds like you all are having a blast. Love the pictures. Glad to see a smile on Summer's face. Sorry about Clint not feeling well. Hope he gets feeling better soon.

Krissy said...

I'm so happy you guys are enjoying yourselves!! Summer looks like she's having a blast!

Kristi J said...

Ha! I lol'd that Summer wants to be "an eater" when she grows up.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us all! I have enjoyed seeing you guys have so much fun at Disney, and having those wonderful memories will stay with you forever. I love magical!!

Bridgett said...

She wants to be an eater, huh? Sounds good to me too, Summer! LOL

I'm sorry Clint got an infection. What timing. Poor guy. Hope he's feeling better now.

Looks like so much fun!