Monday, March 22, 2010

Still "Under the weather"

Summer has still been feverish off and on since Thursday. I called the clinic today, but they said not to bring her in unless her fever goes up. It was only 100.1 when I called this morning. She is coughing and has some drainage, but it is not coming out her nose. Too bad she hasn't learned how to cough it up and spit it out yet.

She got to spend a lot of time with her daddy the past few days since I had a seminar to attend. I'm so glad they are spending more time together. It seems that since his cancer has came back, he has been making more of an effort to do things with her.

Yesterday, she went home with Memaw and Nanny after Sunday dinner at my aunt's house. She came home with a new rock box - a tackle box - with lots of rocks from Alaska. She showed me each of them this morning as soon as she got home. One by one, she put them in my hand. She's so funny about rocks. To some, they are nothing, but she sees beauty in each one. She has quite a collection of them now.


Susie said...

Praying that Summer gets feeling better soon. Glad to see that she sis getting to spend some time with her daddy.

Summer said...

Sorry Summer is still feeling sick! That stinks! I pray for a quick recovery for her! She's such a doll!

Oh girly thanks for your comment on Kelcee's room! It isn't nearly finished we just did the walls! Greg is Exhausted! I think it will be finished in a couple weeks and then I will post the finished product! Oh I was gonna tell ya they have super cute bedding at Target on sale! SUPER CUTE!!

Summer :0)