Monday, March 15, 2010

Hopping down the bunny trail

Summer is ready for Easter. Yesterday, we went to see the Easter bunny at the mall. On the way in the mall, she asked if the Easter bunny brings you anything. I told her he will bring candy on Easter, but today he will just be there for pictures. When she saw him, she went right up and got in his lap. She really liked him unlike Lexie who just gave him a "I'm not getting anywhere near you" look. She wanted her picture taken with him, but we had to wait on Daddy to get their with money so we headed to the mall playground. The girls had fun which is no surprise. Afterwards, we headed back to the bunny for pics. Lexie was still not wanting to sit in his lap, so Summer got her picture made alone. The flash was bothering her eyes so she rubbed them after every shot, but they turned out pretty good and not too teary eyed. Before she got off his lap, she told me she needed to tell him what she wanted. LOL I guess the Easter Bunny is a little like Santa in her eyes.

Today, Summer practiced some of her letters. She is attempting to write them on her own after she traces them now so that is a step forward. She can't get enough of the workbook type stuff, but she doesn't put nearly as much effort into coloring the pictures when asked in them as she does a regular coloring book. I've been talking to her about pre-school some more, but she still says she doesn't want to go. She is ready to go back to her Kindermusik classes though. She asked about them over the weekend saying she was wondering when it was going to be time for her to start them again. The next session is in a few weeks and I am just excited about them as she is.

T-ball is going pretty good. Her daddy got her a tee over the weekend and either he or I practiced with her when we could. She is using the left handed glove he got her and is throwing the ball just as good as with the other hand. Neither is close to perfect, but that is to be expected at her age. I'm 32, and I still can't throw it perfectly every time. I do encourage her and tell her what a good job she is doing so that she will not get discouraged. So what if I blow a little smoke up her rear? Gotta build that self-esteem up, right? Tonight is her second practice, and I can't wait to see her on the field with the others. Hope I can be a chill mom who doesn't do too much coaching from the sidelines. I want it to be a fun experience for her so I'll try to maintain my cool as she finds her way out there.

Everyday I am so thankful to have her in my life. Kids are such blessings.


Summer said...

This Summer is ready for spring and the Easter bunny too LOL! You have to post a pic of Summer with the Easter Bunny!! I betcha it is super cute! She is such a doll! The hubs just told me the bunny is at the mall so we will be going in a couple weeks....I usually have to sit in the chair beside the bunny so Kelcee will sit there....I won't sit on the bunny poor thing would get traumatized LOL....

T-Ball sounds like lots of fun....Good luck to her tonight....We are going to try to enroll Kelcee in Soccer if we can find a team for 3 year olds this year if not we are putting her in tap dance....

Summer :0)

Susie said...

Glad to see that Summer liked the Easter bunny. I am hoping that Ellie likes it this year like she did last year. She wasn't crazy about Santa though.

Stephanie said...

Love that she's wanting to talk to the bunny like she does Santa-how sweet!!!!

I have been thinking about putting Caleb in for a couple of days too next year. It's hard to see them go but I want him to get out there with other kiddos too.

Summer said...

Hey girly,

I found her bed at JC PENNY and the best part was it was on Sale! Yep sooo I saved $500.00 on it and of course as soon as I buy it they have a bed sale so right now it is even like 100.00 cheaper.... It is called the Allie Canopy Bed and then I got the Allie Trundle too!

I am super excited about it! How is Summer feeling today?!?!
She is always in my thoughts and prayers....Wish ya'll lived closer her and Kelcee could play! We have to be careful with germs to where I don't have an immune system!

Have a fab day friend
Summer :0)

Bridgett said...

I'm hoping my kids will go visit the Easter bunny this year too. They did pretty well with Santa, so hopefully they'll pose with the bunny rabbit.