Friday, March 12, 2010

A night at the circus

No Flash Mom! She closes her eyes on purpose. Don't mind that lazy eye, just look at the cute baby. What is up with that anyway? Darn it! Finally got one with her eyes open!Last night, we went to the Ringling Brothers' Circus with the Lynch's, Lippard's & Anchondo's. It was fun; much better than last year. Of course, my spoiled little one wanted a souvenir before the circus even started. LOL For the record, I did make her wait until after the circus had started. We got there early and watched the pre-show. We didn't go down to the ring side, but it was still fun. Once the circus started, the lights bothered Summer's eyes. I think her eyes must be really sensitive to light. I remember when she was on chemo, they were. I'm not sure if that is a long-term side effect from the chemo she had, but none of the other kids seemed to be bothered by it. The kids all seemed to enjoy it. Amanda called while we were there to see if Lexie could spend the night. Of course, I'll never refuse that if I'm free. :) So, Clint brought her with him. At first, she was still half asleep, but after a while, she clapped and smiled with everyone else. Summer was ready to go before it was over. She wanted to get home and play with her new tiger, which she named White & Black, that came in a pink purse. She said, "I'm really sleepy." I knew she wasn't because she had a good nap. Some of the last acts did manage to gather some of her attention, but she was definitely ready to go when it was over.

Earlier this week we made a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with my Aunt Nean and cousins Katie and Alex. Summer really enjoyed them and didn't even drag me all over the place. She let me sit and talk to my aunt mostly which was a nice surprise. Usually, we are attached at the hip.

Yesterday, we had to go to the doctor with her daddy for his scan. She was pretty well behaved, coloring and eating snacks. We found out that nothing has changed so they consider him to have a stable disease. He will be getting some pills to help keep it in check. So, overall that was good news, but not great since the IL-2 didn't seem to do anything.

Summer is already asking for ice cream today. No, not one of the ice cream sandwiches that we have in the freezer. She wants to go to the ice cream shop. Oh my, what did they start with that all day ice cream shop at the village. :D I am hoping to avoid a trip for ice cream altogether because I don't need anymore. But, we shall see.


KK said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...


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Bridgett said...

My kids hated the circus. Both of them. In fact, Parker cried through most of it because it was so loud.

Of course, this was 2 years ago though, so maybe they'd do better now. If we do try again, I'll definitely be taking headphones for their ears. LOL