Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 3: The Magic Kingdom

After a big breakfast, we headed to the Magic Kingdom. "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?" were Summer's favorite phrases on the way there. You would've thought it was an hour away rather than 15-20 minutes. LOL As soon as we got into the park, she had to have some princess Minnie Mouse ears. We had seen a girl with some at our village and I knew we were getting them then. She was not the only one in love with them. I, too, was wanting those ears. We then headed to some rides. It was a much better day ride-wise. First we went to a Monsters Inc. comedy show. Then we rode, rode, rode. I think the tea cups were her favorite, but she says they all were. They had a carousel to her delight. The guest assistance pass we had got us to the front of all the lines and really spoiled us. I'm not sure I would even want to go back now since we didn't have to wait to ride the rides while others did. Some of the ride greeters even let us ride twice without getting off. Rock on!!! It was an exhausting day and after the parade, we rode one more ride and then went to get our souveniers. Summer wanted to do that all day, but I made her wait until we were done so we wouldn't have to tote it through the park all day. She got a Minnie Mouse dress up doll with lots of shoes, outfits and accessories.
After we got home, she wanted to go to the pool. This morning she told a girl at the front desk that was her favorite part of the trip so far. She really does well with floaties and her swimsuit with built-in floats. Last night they had Double Dare in the theater here. Summer watched, but did not want to participate because some people were getting pies in the face after every event. She definitely did not want to receive one of those. Nor, did she want to pie me or daddy. :)
We are off to SeaWorld now. I hope the rain misses that park. But, we have ponchos just in case.


Stephanie said...

How fun! I am inlove with her ears-those are so cool!!!!!

Can't wait to hear all about the rest of the trip-what a wonderful time!

Kristi J said...

My daughter would love those princess ears, too! Way cute! I think it is awesome that you can skip right to the front of the line. What a wonderful part of this experience for you!

Bridgett said...

She looks adorable and everything sounds like so much fun! Not waiting in lines would be a HUGE perk.