Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caught up in the act....

...of living. Trying to keep up with a 3 year old and 1 year old has been keeping me rather busy. Of course the 1 year old is just part time, but free time has been hard to come by lately. Summer is all better now. She's been in shorts the past two days and loving it. I couldn't even convince her to wear a jacket on the cool mornings. T-ball has been kind of a disappointment so far. Her first two games and opening ceremonies were cancelled, along with numerous practices before those. I guess outdoor sports are just subject to the weather and it seems like we have been getting our share of rain. I can't imagine being up in Seattle and trying to play t-ball. Her first game is rescheduled for Thursday which just so happens to coincide the the Maunday service at church this week. Big bummer, but I am still excited about her first game. I'm sure she will have a few other family spectators there to cheer her on, but probably not as many as she would've had last Saturday. Darn wet fields.

Today we are going to the zoo again. We did last Wednesday too. I am going to try to make story time at the library though because we missed it last week due to Clint moving Amanda out of her apartment and into one of our houses. So, I went and got Lexie and had just enough time to get to the zoo. It was nice though because we had a picnic and the girls all played on the playground. Then we did the zoo tour and last, but definitely not least, a few carousel rides. I imagine today will be somewhat similar except I will be trying to keep Lexie still enough for story time. Speaking of her, she just got here. She was sad to see her Mommy go, but Amanda told me she just said "Lolli" when they were coming in. :D She said it for the first time last week when we were in the car. Usually, she calls me "Momma." Her name for Clint is officially "Pop Pop." She says it on cue most of the time. She can also say Summer in her own special way too.

She is getting so big. But, not nearly as big as Summer. I was looking at her yesterday and she looks like a 5 year old to me. I keep telling her to stop growing or I'm not going to be able to carry her anymore, but her body is not listening. She tells me she can't anyway so I don't know why I keep asking her to. It's not really hard to believe she is going to be 4 years old in 36 days. She looks it and acts it. Yesterday, we did some dot-to-dot worksheets. After she did five or six, we went back and put stickers on the ones that were correct. She still reads numbers from right to left, and I am having a hard time reinforcing that concept to her. But, all in due time. As long as she can write her letters before kindergarten, right? We've also been working on reading a little too, or maybe I should say letter/word recognition. Phonics too. There is still a long way to go, but it is exciting watching her learn. She truly fascinates me every day.

Yesterday, we practiced t-ball outside. First we threw a few, then did a little batting. She has definitely improved on her swing -- much harder than before. Throwing still has a ways to go, at least if she is going to catch up to Willow. My best friend's little girl is the bomb!!! I know she is proud of her. After we worked on the throwing a little more and taking a few laps around the bases (or should I say trees, a hole in the ground, and the tee), she was ready for ice cream. She wanted to go to the ice cream shop and get some, but I reminded her she has 3 left from our last three trips to various ice cream shops. Yes, I have had A LOT of will power and not eaten her leftovers. She chose the cake batter with Oreos from Stone Cold Creamery over the cake batter with chocolate swirl from Ben & Jerry's and chocolate with brownies in a waffle cone from The Ice Cream Show. We have a lot of ice cream shops in the neighborhood. She is my kind of ice cream girl for sure. She knows the best from the rest -- you gotta have something mixed in! Her r daddy doesn't care for mix-ins and prefers plain ice cream flavors. The ice cream was gone in no time after which she wanted to watch cartoons. We ate dinner while we watched a few HBO fairy tales which put interesting twists on the traditional stories. Clint and I aren't completely sold on them preferring just the normal fairy tale storylines. Summer didn't like the Snow White one so I deleted it from the DVR half way through it. We also watched The Prince and The Frog and The Three Little Pigs.

Time to catch up on some blog reading while the girls sleep.


Summer said...

I am sooo glad Summer is feeling better! Yay for t-ball boo for bad weather! I hope the weather stays good so she can have more practices and games!

The zoo sounds like so much fun! Have a great day!

Summer :0)

Susie said...

Glad to see things are going well with Summer. Miss reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer- have a great time at the zoo!! Hoping for dry weather so you can play T-ball! Keeping you in my prayers. :o)

God bless you


Stephanie said...

Ugh... I remember when our Summer's were tiny babies. Seems like a week ago, and here they are almost 4. We signed he up for preschool yesterday, and she is playing soccer... such big kid things all starting to happen at once. I try not to get too sad because I know there are things to look forward to with every stage and she is such a great kid, but I can't help but wish she would just STOP GROWING!

I hope you have fun at the zoo!

Joe & Molly Burnam said...
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