Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cycle 7, Day 1 update and pics

Summer is doing pretty good at the end of day 1 of chemo. She has been pumped full of drugs today: heart protectant, 3 different chemo drugs, mesna, zophran. She weighed 34.3 pounds this morning which is the most she has ever weighed. My baby girl has all but disappeared over the past six months. No more baby fat or sweet innocence. She has been introduced to pain and sickness like she has never known in her short life. I pray that all of this is not in vain and she will be cured. She was a little nauseous earlier this evening when she saw the plate of food they brought her: baked chicken and mashed potatoes. I think it was all the green spices on top of the chicken that got to her, but who really knows? She made it to the trash can and didn't really lose too much. Wasn't much in there to begin with. All she ate today was a little egg, about 1/4 a piece of toast and some vanilla wafers. This evening she ate several black olives and some chicken noodle broth. We are currently waiting on more broth. I'm glad to see she is eating something. Now, here are the pics I promised.

Decorating the sugar cookies she just had to make (but didn't eat any of....) The final product of our work: turtle, heart, lion, tree & koala bear cookies

Lexie eating a jar of veggies and rice
she's starting to teeth at 11 1/2 months
Summer is dressed in my pool wrap
Playing in water downtown
Wade helps Katie and Summer with their fish
Wearing the flowergirl's dress from my wedding
Her picture on the Walnut Street Bridge
How adorable is she????
I love you!
Daddy carries his tired little girl
Posing under her pic
Our family of three
Summer eats some goldfish at the United Way fair
Katelyn, Summer and Liliana go way back....well 3 years :) Swimming and making faces
More funny faces
Smiling for the camera again. What a lucky day!!!
Summer was a prankster giving family members a pizza box with a toy rat in it. LOL


Stephanie said...

I LOVE the picture of her in that dress. So, so cute!

Lexie is getting so big! What a beautiful baby.

One of those cookies... let's just say I was relieved when I read that it was a tree.

Susie said...

I love the pictures. Continued prayers for Summer today.

Krissy said...

The the picture if her on the sign at the bridge!

Bridgett said...

It's wonderful that she's eating so well after a chemo treatment. Go Summer!

I love her sign on the bridge!

And her in the flower girl dress? Stinkin' adorable!!

I have to confess though...when I saw the 'tree' sugar cookie, well, ummm, I was thinking it was something a little different. LOL


Stephycce said...

Aww I love the pics! She looks so happy! And I just have to say Bridgett your a hog of course I had to scroll up and see and your right but your a hog LMAO.


-*aMaNdA*- said...

haha well that post was juss too funny. I absolutely LOVE the pics of summer. they are too adorable. It kinda sucks that Im at work and I cant save them too my computer rite now.. I will when i get home. Well that pic of her in ur clothes is juss TOO FRKIN CUTE. i Loved it. and.. her in her dress. It looks like shes playin dress up in a wedding dress . One day summer will be getting married :) Crazy to believe huh? Ha. Well Let her know I love her. And that Im thinking of her while shes in the hosp. I really wish that she was home so we cld play some (that game with the rocks and u try to balance them) i foret what its called. My dad told me to let u know that u have a great husband.. yah. I knw. hes weird.. sumtimes.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

The dress and the shades rocked the joint!

Word verification is "bless"


Kristi J said...

Cute pics! She did a great job on those cookies and she makes for a beautiful princess in her dress up clothes!

Praying for a smooth days ahead as Summer begins cycle 7. Praying as always.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore her with her tattoos, do-rag and dress...way too cute:) It is so hard to believe that she is big enough now to fit the dress that Leah wore in your wedding, they grow up WAY too fast. It seems like only yesterday.....

Love and prayers always sis ;)