Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Angel food cake

Summer finally convinced me to make another cake. I finished off the last piece of the one I made for Sunday dinner this morning for breakfast. Initially, I said, "No" because I did not want to eat another angel food cake pretty much by myself. :) She was unhappy and informed me we would not be leaving the house for the week. : I told her that wasn't going to work and eventually she forgot about that and ended up eating some blueberries. She finished off the pack I bought last night! We've already been to the fruit stand to get more (two packs this time). Then a couple hours later she asked to make a cake again using pretty please and no whining. Just the sweet, innocent face of an angel looking up at me. That did it. I thought, "It is angel food cake, and she is an angel." She was so excited and wanted to dump the cake mix and water into the bowl. She even ran the mixer for a bit. Then she licked on a beater, loving the sweet batter that has "angels in it."

Last night, I had to go to the store to get blueberries since the produce stand was closed by the time we got out of the clinic. When I got back, Summer bragged that her sister Amanda had time to play with her for a little bit. It was so sweet to here how special that was to her. She and Amanda are 16 years apart and don't spend much time together, but apparently what little time they do means a lot to Summer.

The tent we brought home from the clinic is missing one of the two supporting poles. LOL Still trying to figure out how to rig it up where it will work....

We got our new movie storage cabinet yesterday since we have soooo many movies (especially VHS) and half have been in my bedroom floor for months. Summer's movies alone filled it up. And, we still have a storage bin full of kids movies. Not sure if we should get rid of some of the movies or what, but I am not a big fan of getting rid of stuff that we might use one day. We need to go through all of her toys and get rid of some of them, but they are all still in such good condition that it doesn't seem like we should. But, we are running out of room in her room and Christmas is coming up. I've got most of her shopping done already. I hope. :p

The lady at the fruit stand gave Summer a peanut and caramel covered apple. We waited until we got home to try it. She ate a few bites and decided she didn't like at which time I took it and devoured it. I guess it was good. :) She also tried a peanut butter and banana sandwich today. After taking a bite of mine, she said, "Yuck." I just kept eating. Then she said she wanted me to make her one and she ate half. I guess the "yuck" was just her trying to be cool or contrary or whatever. I just love trying to figure out kids. I have found what works best in getting the behavior I want is not reacting to the behavior I don't particularly approve of. When the bad thing isn't acknowledged, it is seldom repeated. At least with Summer. I could've swore she said something naughty today, but I may have been hearing things because I couldn't get it out of her again. Of course, I didn't say "did you say ---?" Oh my, I do hope she turns out right.


the mol said...

I recommend Freecycle for getting rid of, or acquiring, stuff. I think that if you go to Freecycle.org you can find your group near you. We have gotten rid of plenty of things and we have also acquired a few. I like it because I don't have to throw away stuff that someone else might use even though I won't. And if I find that I do need something that I have given away, I can either search Freecycle or just buy something new!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE angel food cake! I could eat the entire thing by myself too and I'm impressed it lasted as long as it did at your house :)

Glad she's eating even if she's playing mind games:)

Bridgett said...

What a good mommy you are. :)