Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two more days until Jesus's birthday

We went to my aunt's house for my dad's side of the family's Christmas gathering on Saturday. We had a great time over there. I think we were there almost 8 hours!!! Summer played dolls with my granny. She also peed in her pants. We all thought it was my cousin's dog, then discovered it was not. :( Luckily she was spending the night away from home so I had plenty of clothes on reserve. After dinner and presents, we played a game, "Catch Phrase," which was so much fun. (I hope that is the correct use of all those commas. LOL) We must have played it for hours. Finally after midnight, I decided to come home and go to bed.

Summer has opened three more presents, two of them yesterday. Her fourth gift was another puzzle - more difficult than the one before. This one has 24 pieces. Needless to say, she was a little frustrated with it. She rolled around and kicked a little while saying something like I can't do this. It's hard. It was cute, but I tried to explain to her to be patient that she would learn how to do it in time. I also told her I would help her. So, every time she wants to put it together, I help her. It is a picture of two lab puppies - a black one and a brown one. I didn't really think about the difficulty when I bought it, but just the fact that it had dogs on it (which she loves). I think it is good though to challenge her rather than her just being able to put it together in a minute or two.

Yesterday afternoon she opened a crafty gift where you pull pipe cleaner through a picture to make 3D art. She really liked it and caught onto it quickly. I guess I can take the pipe cleaners out so she can do them again, but I will wait to see what she thinks about that first. I don't want to ruin her works of art. LOL

She got to open another gift before bedtime since I am a little behind on the twelve days of Christmas. It was a set of ten Angels on Assignment books. Each book focuses on a different word that teaches her positive behaviors/thinking. We read three of them before bed last night. She learned about Hope, Joy and Charity. They are angels in the books. I am really glad I got them because she needs all the positive she can get in her life. We all do! Just look at the joy in her face as she anticipates me reading them to her. She really loves that a lot. We read "The Christmas Story" almost everyday before nap time. I am so glad she enjoys it and hope she will learn that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

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