Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time with Daddy

Summer has gone to spend the afternoon with Clint. But, only after a horrible, crying tantrum about how she wanted to stay with me. In the end, she left happy as a lark her bear in tow. Clint was carrying her golf set and the diaper bag full of goodies I packed for her, I mean them. :) It is loaded down with two Handi packs of pretzels and crackers, a bag of grapes, two bananas, a jar of Del Monte spaghetti (yes, she still eats this one particular baby food!), two sippy cups (watered down apple juice and chocolate milk), and a bag of chocolate protein. They were also headed to Smoothie King, so I am pretty sure they are not going to starve before I see them again. I am hoping they will meet me at the mall this evening after my appt. and dinner with Selena. Maybe I will finish up my Christmas shopping! I only have about three more gifts to buy.

Make that five! We are having a couples Chinese Christmas party the day after Christmas. I think it will be fun, especially if people get creative with their gifts!

Summer got her second Christmas present today. A Crayola Color Wonder Glitter Coloring Set. She loved it. Her old sets are all used up. I really love these things because I don't have to stand around and make sure she isn't coloring the walls. Not that I have to do that anyway because she is a pretty good girl. I even trust leaving regular markers (washable of course) in her access at all times!!! She loves to paint, draw, color, whatever. She is so artistic! Unlike me. I have to try really hard to do something decent. I can color in the lines though. Mostly. LOL

The other day she brought me a book to read and I think I recall her telling me she wants to learn to read. She only knows a few letters, when she wants to of course. Some times she tells me "I am not a big girl right now." :) Anyway, they were the very basic baby books. "Happy Baby Colors" and "Happy Baby Words." I think these will be very good books to start with, although the learning to recognize the alphabet is probably the very best place to start. I do try to sometimes get her to learn to recoginize the first letter of some of the words. I think she knows "b" and "g" for sure. We have a long ways to go. But, she is only two. How important is it for her to know all that stuff now anyway?

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