Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kicked Out

I just got kicked out of my two year old's playroom. :) She was calling me for help and when I came she decided she didn't need me after all and I could leave. She was putting the puzzle together that she got yesterday and thought she needed my help for a moment. But when I arrived, she had figured it out and had two pieces to go. It didn't take her as long as I thought to master it after all.

Now she is in the office with me, playing in the trash can. Don't worry. She DID take out the trash first! She put it all up on the desk...LOL Wish I had the camera close by, but I am way behind on pics anyway. I need to get them on my computer and post some before Christmas comes and goes and they are all old news. Well, I guess they are old news now anyway.

Summer is already looking forward to playgym on Thursday. They had the week off last week due to the holidays, and she must be having withdrawal. She has asked about it for the past two days.

She has decided that she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. She saw some little dancers performing on stage at the Grand Illumination last Friday night. She loved watching them and told me that she wanted to be a dancer too. She was talking about it at lunch today too. She sure had a lot to say which is not really unusual for her. On our way into the hospital this morning to visit Josh, she asked me why it was cold. I told her because it was winter now. She said that it wouldn't be cold in the hospital. It would be warm. She told me that the hospital probably had the heat on. Is that crazy or what?

Right now she is playing with a calculator. I wonder how long it will take for her to figure that out. I guess she needs to learn all her numbers first. We have been working on that a little with some books and flashcards, but she doesn't seem that interested in the actual number. She is learning to count though. Sometimes she loses her place in counting, but that is just a natural part of the learning process.

Okay, enough about Summer. I better get back to her anyway. Apparently she just "winned" on the calculator.

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SCM said...

LOL about winning on the calculator. It's amazing how quickly they grow and how fast they learn and understand things.