Friday, December 19, 2008

One Week 'til Christmas

I can't believe that in one week, I will be patiently waiting for Summer to get up to open presents. LOL

This month is flying by. Nothing unusual anymore. Times goes by so fast that sometimes I think I am not paying enough attention. Before I know it, my little girl will be all grown up.

I haven't done too good with the 12 days of Christmas this year. They just keep slipping away from me. Before I know it, it is bedtime and then another day begins. I'll have to make sure to go pick something out for her when I finish this post!

Today we are going to visit Josh who just had his second ad third surgeries on his leg. I am sure he is getting bored sitting in the hospital all day long, but hopefully he is resting and taking it easy. Wish there was something I could think of to take him that might help pass the time, but I don't have a clue of what that would be. Oh well. I did get him some Reese's cups which I think are his favorite.

We are also thinking about taking Summer to see "The Tale of Despereaux" today. The first showing is at noon and it sounds perfect to me! Although she did not make it entirely through the last movie, we are willing to try again. She is FREE for the next 6 months. I can't say I was completely upset about leaving the last movie. It wasn't my favorite movie or hers either, obviously. :) Anyway, I think it will be fun. It is something Clint and I both enjoy and we can do it with her, so that makes it perfect for us! I can still remember taking her to the movies when she was six or seven months old. That was NOT the perfect age to go to take her. She wanted to crawl around and stuff - anything but sit still. But, all in all I still have good memories of the occasion.

Not sure what else the day will hold, but I think I have enough on my plate to worry about to get me at least through nap time! I better get off here and go find that present.


The Stallings' Clan said...

How was the movie? I was thinking about taking Graysong.

JC said...

It was good! Better than Madagascar 2!!!