Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Earrings, The "Ride", and PICTURES!!!

This morning Summer and I put on some Christmas earrings. I almost forgot that I had them. Of course, I got them from Avon. It is 10 pairs of holiday earrings sure to match any outfit you choose. I choose the snowflakes (yeah, I'm dreaming...) and Summer chose Christmas trees. Not sure what we are going to do today, but I doubt it will entail any trips to the mall. We went twice yesterday. After visiting one of my friends who just had a baby at the hospital, we headed to Hamilton Place so Summer could do the bungee jump trampoline thing (???). We were hungry so we stopped to eat at Smokey Bones which is one of Clint's favorite places to go. Although we rarely go there because we prefer to shop and dine in Hixson. Anyway, after our wonderful meal, we headed back out in the cold rain towards the mall. We made a few stops on the way to the "ride" trying to find the perfect gift for a Chinese/Elephant Christmas party we are attending the day after Christmas. No luck. :( When we arrived at the "ride" Summer wasn't really up for it. She wanted to play on the little merry-go-round ride instead. Go figure. We never put money in them, but she still loves to play on them. After a few minutes of coaxing, she agreed and headed to the big trampoline. The guy put her harness on her and her face was covered in fear, lips slightly quivering. We played it up telling her it was fun, acting excited to see her trying it (we weren't acting though). The fear quickly faded and was replaced with a small smile at first. The guy pulled her legs and she flew up in the air. He gradually made it go higher and higher as she got used to it. She swung and bounced for a few minutes before it was over. Overall, I would say she enjoyed it. She was a little small to do flips and bounce herself, but at least she gave it a shot. We were so proud of her. Clint is hoping she will do it again the next time we go back. I think he wants to raise a little daredevil. Well, at least not a scaredy cat. LOL

Happy to go back to the merry-go-round

Summer is with me in the office right now. Drawing on paper. She just drew a candy cane. It is very curly. :) She has made both Clint and I look at it several times.

I think she liked it!

We have opened three Christmas presents all together now. Maybe she will get another one today. She has been a good girl so far today. Of course, it is only 9:30. The third gift was a pair of princess shoes, two tiaras and some dress-up clothes. She looked so cute dressing up, but the sleeves itch on one of the dresses, so she wouldn't pose for a picture. When she decided it was coming off, it came off quickly! Maybe I'll just cut those itchy sleeves off!

The look of joy on her face

some looks are silly, yet still precious

My Princess Summer

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