Thursday, October 30, 2008

The last days

Tomorrow is the last day my old blog will be on the Internet. :( I am having some feelings of sadness because all of the pictures did not transfer onto this blog. In the beginning I was going to try to download them to all of the posts, but the picture system on this blog is entirely different. Not sure how I would put 47 pictures on one post like I did in my Aol blog. Last night I finally got all the pics (I hope) downloaded to my computer. I still need to back them up on CDs, but that can wait a few days. Anyways, if you want to check out my old blog (including awesome pics of my baby growing up), do it today because on November 1 it will be too late.

I'm am moving on.

Tonight Lexie is going to get to spend the night with us. Summer is going to be excited I bet when she wakes up and finds that out. That is unless I have to take her nightlight and use it as a monitor for Lexie. Hmmm. That might cause a little bit of drama. I guess I better find her a good replacement night light right away! :) I am sure we will have fun. Maybe we will have to make some cookies for Lexie. :) Do you think Clint will fall for that one? I doubt it. I am thinking we will be watching Barney at somepoint tonight. He hasn't been on very much lately.

I almost forgot to tell you that he taught Summer her days of the week! She knows them all now. She can sing them and say them. It is really cute. She says Sundee, Monday, Tuesdee, Wednesday, Thursdee, Friday, Saturday. Or something like that. So, so adorable she is!!!

Lately Summer has been a little whiny though. I just don't know what to do when she does it. I hope my instincts are telling me the right things because if not it may never end. I am not sure whether my 1, 2, 3 spanking system is working. I am sure she doesn't like the spankings, but they may not be doing the trick. Sometimes it even seems like she likes them. Hmmm. Of course, that is not the only system. I also use privilege denial, "If you do this, then this will happen", and other such means as to curb her appetite for whining. :) Maybe ignoring would work better? I don't know for sure what the answer is, but consistency is probably the most important factor. I guess that is what I will aim for. I know it sure DOES NOT work when you are INCONSISTENT. I can give you examples if you need them. Just let me know. :)

Today Summer had a Halloween party at Playgym. There were not many kids there today which surprised me since we were having a party. Summer and I were dressed up as Barney and a butterfly. We were both looking pretty snazzy in our cool costumes so we decided to walk through downtown dressed in them. I didn't get any cat calls, but that was probably because it was so early in the morning. LOL Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow night when we are out trick or treating, but I doubt it because we will be in a pretty nice neighborhood. I love going trick or treating in our friend's neighborhood. It is just so perfect for it. When I grew up my Mom drove us around the mountain and down through Trenton. We'd hit one or two of the nicer neighborhoods and head over to my Memaw's house for our big bag of candy. She always gave the best candy to us grandkids. We would get plastic baggies full of FULL-SIZE candy bars. Not the little ones, even though that is what I would prefer now. At least that is the way I remember it. She always had the best candy. That is the way I feel about my friend now. She always has the best candy and gives us lots of it!!! I guess maybe she's the reason behind my love handles. The past two years we sat on her porch and gave out candy with them after we trick or treated. It might be too cold for that this year though. I can't wait until tomorrow night. I hope Summer has a blast out getting candy. Of course, she might be finished after two or three houses. I hope not!!!

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