Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy as bees!

Willow & Summer

It seems like this time of year is so busy. We have been running all over the place and doing all kinds of things.

Summer had a monster bash last Saturday. Her friends Willow and Liliana went with her. There were also a few of her friends from Playgym there - MaryBlake and Twily. She really enjoyed it. Especially dancing with the green M&M. I even got that on video. There was "worm dig" and a maze. I think Summer's favorite part was the pumpkin painting. She really loves to paint. Maybe we will have a little artist in our family. I don't know where she got the talent though. Clint and I can barely draw stick figures. LOL Anyway, on the way out of the museum we stopped to roast a marshmallow and have some popcorn, apples, and cider. It was pretty cool that Summer's party had a fire for marshmallows just like mine did a few weeks ago. I guess there are some similarities in our parties although I prefer mine to be kid free. Not that I don't enjoy her parties because I do. It is just that it is nice to have adult time sometimes too. That is one area in which my mom helps me out all the time. And for that, I AM VERY GRATEFUL!!! Not only for me, but also for Summer. She is such a blast to be around that Summer always wants to go to Memaw's house (all the grandkids do). Summer never fails to get excited about going there so I know they must be having a lot of fun. Which is another nice thing. Not only having someone to watch my child, but someone who loves to do it and makes my child truly happy while she is there. Definitely PRICELESS.

Ok, so we all know how awesome Memaw is now, right?

A few weeks ago we went to the New Salem Mountain Festival with some friends. We walked around looking at the all the local goods. I got Summer a pink ribbon hairbow that she will hopefully wear. I say hopefully because the last time I tried to get her to wear it, it was pretty much a fight. :( Well, maybe not a fight, but I'm sure it did involve bribery. lol We had a nice lunch (me-pork sandwich, Summer-chicken stew) and then went back through to see what else we wanted. We got our new Christmas ornament for this year. Summer saw some kids with their faces painted, so we found the face painting booth and made her wish come true. That never happens. NOT. The girls wishes almost always come true. But so do mine, so I don't feel too bad about it. :)

We also took a trip to the zoo. The girls liked it, especially the railing they could climb on. LOL Like every time we went to a new exhibit, there they went. It was cute, but probably not something we should condone. Awww, who cares? They are a little on the short side so they can't see over the fence like the rest of us unless they are standing on the rail, right? :) Lexie, Summer's niece, went with us, but slept pretty much the entire time. She did wake up as we were leaving though, but just long enough to let me know she was ready to eat. Here is a pic of some wild animals we saw there.

We went to the River Park. We also had a play date at Liliana's house. We rode bikes to Lupi's for pizza one night and went to get cupcakes another day. We have taken a walk on the riverfront with Paw-Paw and Gay. We have taken the tricycle out front for a lesson in pedaling. It seems the only thing she learned from the lesson though was that it is easier to get off and push. Maybe not, but at the time she thought it sounded better. We have done much more than that in the past month and still have a lot left to do. I hope November is a little less busy though. Otherwise I am going to be worn out in December!!!

Tonight we are going to see Disney On Ice. Selena and Willow are going to join us. I hope the girls (and adults) enjoy it!

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SCM said...

I'm lucky to have a great baby-sitter-- my mom-- too! It's so nice to have someone I'm close to that I know will take good care of my kids, so I can have some peace and adult time to keep my sanity. Looks like you guys have done a lot of fun stuff recently!