Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There went Peter Cottontail

This past week the girls lit up when I sang "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity-hoppity Easter's on its way. He's been watching girls and boys, going to bring them lots of toys. If they can be good 'til Easter day." I don't think those are the exact words to the song, but they were my version of it and the girls would both smile big and hop around the room like a bunny. It's amazing how excited the song made them. Music can truly bring so much joy at times. I know they are excited to go to music tomorrow. They both love playing with Ms. Janice's toys so we try to get there a little early so they have time to enjoy what she has set out for them to choose from. Sometimes it is puzzles, legos and a certain type of instrument. Sometimes there is a bin of books or blocks. No matter what, they always find something they enjoy. Then it is time to sing and dance and hug. I love the way they run to my arms after they return each instrument we get to use to it's box. Sometimes they knock me back they are coming with such a force, but it feels good to have them so happy to be in my arms. Precious moments for sure!

The girls had lots of Easter activities this past week. On Friday, we colored eggs. Summer got to choose 2 different kits out of the 4 we had left over from last year. She picked a tie dye kit and a sponge painting kit. They both produced beautiful eggs. She ended up coloring most of the eggs we had. Lexie only made it through one egg, but it was beautiful. After she finished it, she got distracted building a house with blankets which is something they are both really into right now. I think there are two "houses" in my living room right now. Actually, I remember Summer telling Lexie that she could come to her hotel when she got up. For some reason Summer was at Lexie's house tucking her into bed. I asked her if she worked at the hotel or owned it. She said she lived there and guessed she worked there too. It's cute to see them play house together. I remember playing house with my sister as kids and having a house (or was it a boat?) made from a blanket on the front porch. Outside the blanket was the ocean, full of sharks!! LOL We had our Cabbage Patch Kid dolls....I wonder if she remembers it the same way. Sadly, the details in life do seem to fade with time.

On Saturday we met up with Willow, Mason and Harper at the zoo for their festivities. After making our way through stinky building with Summer holding her nose pretty much the whole time, we walked through the rest of the zoo participating in several special booths that were set up. They got to pet a ferret, a tortoise, snakes, rabbits and a hissing cockroach. They posed with characters and got candy filled eggs. The baby snow leopard was very active, chasing his mom around the habitat. We all oohed and ahhed over it. After our friends left, the girls got to ride the carousel twice. Then we stopped at the playground for a little bit. I rarely can get away without letting them on it for a few minutes, but it is good for them to climb and play so no need to disapoint them if we have extra time.

I left the zoo with two hungry girls so we stopped by Wendy's for lunch on our way to the church egg hunt. The puppet show was a hit with Summer and Lexie. Then they made their way out to the playground baskets in hands and ran around picking up eggs with a few dozen kids. After emptying the candy from the eggs, the girls got to pick out a big prize (as did all the kids who attended). Summer studied the two tables carefully before choosing her prize. She was eyeballing some stuffed animals when I walked up with Lexie. I was happy when I saw her move past them, seeing as how we have more than we need already. But, instead of candy or any of the other goodies I had hoped she might choose, she found the most perfect prize for her: a pair of white teddy bear slippers with a matching teddy bear. I hadn't seen them until she picked them up. Her face said it all, this was the prize she was taking home. Lexie got a big Reese's bunny which has yet to be opened, but I do think she will enjoy it when she gets around to eating it. If she had her way, all the candy would probably be gone by now. But, I try to limit them to a few pieces a day since it isn't really a healthy food choice.

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed to my Aunt Leisa's house for Sunday dinner. It was a great time with family, and I was especially happy to see my Grandad there. After we got our bellies full, Summer found a caterpillar which she wanted to keep. She was so fascinated with it she put it in a cup so we could take it home with us. Lexie had an inch worm she played with too for a little while, but it was smushed before too long. After placing the caterpillar in the car, the kids hunted eggs until their heart's content. Then they counted their eggs and got in line to pick out prizes. The table was FULL of candy and treats. Little Debbies are always a staple at this prize table, and they were the first to go. Thankfully, we only ended up with one box. The girls don't really eat them that much so they didn't choose any at all. I lucked out and got all the unchosen Cheeto bags. They are my weakness right now. We left there with plenty of candy and headed to Selena's for our last egg hunt. After eating another yummy dinner, the kids hunted eggs in tall grass. They found 95 of the 100 eggs we hid. They blew bubbles and played on the swingset. They played with Willow and Harper's toys and dolls. It was a fun, fun time for all. Needless to say, we were all exhausted by the end of the day. Another holiday has passed and lots of great memories were made. What more could we ask for?

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Glad to see that everyone had a great Easter!!