Sunday, April 10, 2011

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is a novel.

Summer and I at Fridays for a special Valentines day lunch.'s blurry.Lexie loved her bag of goodies from me and Pop. Watch out wallet, it's the carousel again. Even though it was too cold to walk through the zoo, the girls loved riding the carousel.
They love to play in the hot tub!

Not sure if she was trying to make the same face for herself and Barney, but it looks like it.
Summer doing her balancing act. Big smile for the rocking horse.

Lexie likes blowing bubbles in her pjs. Summer makes some big bubbles.
Taking her baby out for a walk.

Chili is a favorite meal around here.

Is she happy?
Ready to roll

Summer's first time roller skating was at Sidda's 6th birthday party. Lexie's first time roller skating with Summer's training skates.Sidda and Summer are super cool girls!
Playgrounds are always a good time for Summer and Lexie.
Lexie wins playing Pretty, Pretty Princess with me and Summer.
Summer takes a picture of Lexie as we cruise down the road.
She loves taking pics of herself too.
Summer and Mason face off at the air hockey table.
This is fun!
Summer supervises Lexie's bowl.
They enjoyed strolling in the new double stroller while wearing costumes.
Always smiling on the carousel.
They absolutely love it!

The zoo has monkeys!!!

Summer and Lexie are always ready for adventure.

Summer really got into the art projects at the Creative Discovery Museum's Western Day event for preschoolers.
Giddyup cow girls!
She's ready to eat the snack she made.
Summer colored the whole poster before we left. She was very into this craft.
Time for a tea party to celebrate Karlie's birthday.
Lovely ladies enjoying the party.
Time to decorate your own heart shaped cake with icing and sprinkles.
All smiles when I came to pick them up from visiting day at St. Peters. They were playing on the playground at the school they will be attending in the fall.
Very cool seesaw!
The girls loved Leah's chorus concert that was 80's themed.
The circus was a fun time for us all.
Lots of pictures and posing from us girls.
Summer brought her hat from last year's circus.

Lexie is a rock star on the Wii.
Summer pushes Lexie with me.
Ready for books then bed.
She was so excited to help me cook.
Lexie and Barney sit on Nanny's lap.
Summer loves the clubhouse at Memaw and Nanny's house.
A little girl who prays for Summer gave her a bag full of stuffed animals. One of which turned out to be a neww Barney for Lexie.
Summer's creative with chalk. This is her walking a few dogs.
Someone missed out on this playdate with Liliana and Laila. Can you guess who?
We were all ready for Barney to come on stage.
Yay!!!! There they are!
Lexie enjoys the show with her own Barney doll.
BJ comes to great the crowd and the girls wave.
Summer loves her Trixie!

A hike sounds good to this girl.
Thumbs in the mouth everyone. :p

Summer hides from the camera behind Lexie. One happy hiker with pretzels to snack on. Don't you just love those pig tails?!?
Couldn't you just pinch those cheeks? They're better for kissing though.
Summer and Ty waiting on everyone to catch up.
Summer and Willow love posing at the zoo.
Riding the deer like she did on the last visit.
Lexie picked a tiger.
Can't leave without a stop at the playground too!
Whose ready for the Easter bunnies?
The girls attempted to count the eggs before we hid them. Harper and Lexie were quite a distraction though with wanting to help put them in the baskets as Willow and Summer counted them. They did try though looking adorable all the while.
Time for the egg hunt...and they're off!
Fun times when you dump your basket out. She didn't seem to mind though.
Time to count the eggs to see who gets to pick out the door hanger they both wanted from the craft project they made earlier. Willow wins, but Summer got the big prize egg that earned her a ring pop and saved her day from falling apart. LOL
Lexie enjoyed the hunt. I think it was good practice for all the girls. They will have another rematch on Easter. Can't wait!

I love the dress she picked out. She even fixed her own hair. She's SOOOO BIG!!!

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Susie said...

Great pictures!! The girls are getting so big and adorable!!