Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overnight guests again

Today started in a very unusual way. We were woken up by Lexie rather than Summer who decided she wanted to sleep until 9:00 a.m. which is unheard of around here. She is usually up around 7:00 a.m. give or take thirty minutes. Lexie usually gets up when she does although occasionally she will sleep a little later. Never until nine though, not at this house at least. After breakfast, a quesadilla and the last sugar cookie for Summer and a poptart and fruit for Lexie, the kids and I snuggled up and watched some Curious George together until PawPaw came over to play with them. After lunch, Lexie went down for a nap and Summer started working on a ceramic paint project I found at Walmart. She chose to paint the butterfly first. That brings us to now which is my down time of the day when I can jot down little snippets of our life that we will always be able to remember. That is if the Internet does not collapse before I download a complete copy of this blog.

Last week, (long pause) Ok, fast forward 7 hours, I've got free time again. :)

So the rest of day was spent playing the Wii and building houses out of blankets. They have turned Trixie's play pen into a spooky dark house. Summer piled blankets on top of blankets to darken out all the light and make it "spooky." Lexie did not like it when Summer mades scary sounds inside of the house so Summer didn't get to make many. Lexie also kept messing the door up so Summer turned the baby bed area she had made outside the house into Lexie & Barney's room. I'm not saying that the blankets were not messed up several times more by Lexie and Trixie because they were. Summer is learning to be patient whether she likes it or not. We all are I guess. Two is definitely a mischievious age for Lexie. She is nothing like Summer for sure and has had her fair share of time outs in the past few weeks. They both have had more than I would prefer. But, if I turn my head and do nothing, what will they learn?

After dinner, Summer played in the hot tub while I painted Lexie's finger and toe nails. She chose pink with a glitter coat on top. When Summer got her pj's back on (it's been a pj day for her today), she started painting her own nails in a "pattern." Each digit on her hand/foot is a different color, but both hands and feet have the same pattern of colors. After the first hand, she asked me to finish which I gladly did. I actually did a half way decent job too, not that my friends will believe me. LOL I hope the polish does not come off too quickly, but it always seems to on the kids.

We polished off the evening with popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and a movie - Barbie as Rapunzel. After a good teeth scrubbing, it was story time. Summer was more into her story than Lexie, but that is usually the case. Then it was time for prayers and bedtime kisses. It's so sweet to hear them tell me goodnight and proclaim their love for me as I close the door and say "sweet dreams." I will never forget those sweet voices and dread the day that they outgrow it.

Last week, they had lots of company between their cousins and friends, Willow and Harper. Wednesday night was the only night they didn't have other kiddos to go to bed with. Leah and Jonathan got two spend two nights with us. The kids all played great together. There was not much down time for me with an average of 4 kids in the house, and I quickly drifted off to sleep when I finally hit the bed every night. Summer and Willow did some Easter crafts and made and decorated sugar cookies. They splashed in the hot tub and built houses on the back porch with beach towels and lounge chairs. They swang on the tree swing and enjoyed batting at tennis balls with tennis rackets. Lexie and Harper played with playdough, one of Lexie's favorite things to do. Willow and Summer played Sorry and Wii games. They jumped off the bed and enjoyed bedtime stories read by yours truly. We finally coaxed them into sitting down and watching one of the movies Selena brought one afternoon. The days flew by and fun was had by all. I can't wait to spend some more time with these people on our vacation and I know Summer can't either.

Tomorrow's our busy day - gymnastics, music, lunch, nap, swimming lessons, and church. And guess what I forgot at the grocery store -- liquid energy in the form of Starbucks mocha frappuccino. Guess I'll be hitting a drive thru at some point!

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Susie said...

You are such a great mom with lots of energy to keep up with the two girls!!