Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Go, go, go!

We've definitely got the "go-go" around here. It seems our days are all filled with fun activities of some sort. We've definitely gotten good use of our aquarium membership over the past few years. I think this is the first time Summer has actually pet a sting ray though.

The butterflies are always one exhibit Summer doesn't want to miss. She tries and tries to catch a butterfly. Lucky for her, one day there was a man assisting people in holding a butterfly. He let Lexie and Summer both have a turn. They loved it.

Of course, my noodle would've loved to hold it all day!

On Sunday after church, we went to the Autumn Festival at the Nature Center. There were lots of games for the kids to play, each one with candy for prizes. After they played them all, we went on a nice hay ride through Reflection Riding. It was beautiful. The girls were most excited about the horse rides though. Lexie kept asking for them the entire ride. So, after our ride, we made our way to the horses. Then it was time for inflatables and then a Fun House (which was a little spooky for kids). There was a marshmallow roast and we all tried some smores. They were very messy and sticky, and I think everyone would've just preferred plain roasted marshmallows. Next was story time at the big tree house that was decorated with huge spiders. The girls both got bunnies at the face painting station. Lexie got hers on her belly though since she was shirtless due to a water spill. Summer picked out a wolf design for our pumpkin. My mom and I carved it while the girls watched the magic show. It was a pretty awesome festival and not too crowded which made it even more enjoyable.

On Saturday, we went to the playground down by the river boat. That always lots of fun for them.
Yesterday, we went to the Discovery Museum with our best buddies. Summer stopped at the face painting place, as usual, and painted herself a cat face, as usual. She did not want to play in the water part one bit and would not join her friends while they did. She did however play in the playground type area above it. I, for once, did not have to climb up and join her. Not that it isn't fun, but it wasn't really made for adult sized people. The slide is not too small for me though. When we went a few weeks ago, I got to go down it with Lexie and Summer. One of her other favorite parts of the museum right now is the outdoor discovery area they have. On our way out, we grabbed a few books. She was really excited about "Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday." One of her favorite books that we have at home is "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." I don't think she enjoyed the new one as much when we read it last night. Recently, she has gotten into a new bedtime book routine. She will pick a set of books that came together, and we read one book each night. Right now we are on the Angels on Assignment series. Before that, we read a Disney Princess series. We were missing the Sleeping Beauty book though and Summer, of course, noticed that. She's so perceptive and still amazes me every day with some of her insights.
On Saturday, Summer, Lexie and I attended the Monster Bash at the Discovery Museum.
We were all dressed as royalty.They loved the sour apples that we got while waiting to go in.They made glow in the dark painting. Summer stuck to using the brush, but Lexie used her fingers too.
Yesterday afternoon, we headed to my Grandad's farm. When we got there, the first thing she wanted to do was to see the puppies. She picked several of them up and posed for the camera.
Then we made our way down to where I can remember playing in the woods with my sister and cousins. I built a fort and she swept or "broomed" all the leaves out of it. She told me she was having a great time which made it even more of a satisfying experience.

She could not wait to get in the barns to climb on the hay. The first barn we got to where I used to play as a child (then it was the 2nd barn, now it is the 1st), the hayloft was completely full so we couldn't go in it. But, she still explored all the parts of the barn that were not full of hay. There was one donkey (or mule?) in it and we pet it for a minute or so. In the next barn, the hay loft had a little room to play/climb in. She went all the way to the top!On the way back to the house to quench our thirst, we came across this horse.And, also this donkey (mule?). We pet them and she commented that she thought they liked it because they probably don't get pet much. As we walked up to the house, she told me that my grandad had the best farm. She said she wished we had a farm at our house in Soddy. LOL I've always wanted to live on my grandad's farm, but I'm sure it will never become a reality. I married a city boy.


Susie said...

You are so lucky you all live near so many things. Glad to see that you are enjoying your daughter and granddaughter. They are so sweet looking in your pictures. They are adorable.

Kristi said...

Goodness, you guys do so many fun things I'm feeling a bit guilty! ha! I have four kiddos, so it always seems a bit stressful to carry out these types of activities. Great photos and looks like a ton of fun!