Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A recap of the past week in pictures

This is a cat (which she decided looks more like a dog) that she made out of her Memaw's old business cards. The silver heart on a ring is the collar.
Summer is watching The Lion King in her footed pajamas. She looks so adorable in them. They are from last year, so I'm surprised they still fit her. I had to leave the room because I was repeating every word and I'm sure that could be annoying even to a 4 year old. Yesterday, this is the shirt she wanted to wear (almost verbatim): It is pink with bumpy short sleeves with a white kitty cat. Pink collar with a heart that's red. Pink in ears and white around them. For the life of me, I can't remember, or find, the shirt she is talking about. I figure she has outgrown it and it is in a "too little" box. Speaking of the Lion King, she was going to put on a play with her dolls that she won from a prize drawing from last year's Autumn Children's Festival. It finally happened last night. It took her one whole day to set up the audience. Well, not the whole day, but my living room looked like a stuffed animal bin threw up all over it for two days. This morning we packed them all up, except for the Lion King animals, and sent them back to her room. There are still blankets galore everywhere, but I can deal with those as long as she is playing with them. I still think she thinks that this is a scary movie. We went to see Alpha and Omega yesterday. I had originally planned to take her to see Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, but when I mentioned it she said that her cousin Jonathan told her that people got killed in it so she did not want to see it. Well, I'm not sure that is true, but I don't particularly like to watch people die either (even though most of it is not real in the first place). So, I found another movie that I thought she would enjoy. It was cute. There were a few violent parts when the wolf packs almost fight that she thought were a little scary. But, overall we laughed and left with smiles on our faces, howling as we walked through the theater. It was kind of cool because we were the only people in the movie so we could howl throughout if we wanted. Not that I did (or didn't).
After the movie, we picked up Lexie. We all wanted sushi for dinner and Summer insisted we eat there. She took Unice her unicorn pillow pet in her baby stroller. Lexie strolled with Lolli. The girls both loved the soup and salad and chicken teriyaki. There were no leftovers.
Gymnastics is one of the highlights of Summer's weeks. She is never too sick to go and always has fun.

The girls got their nails painted at the salon. They enjoyed picking their own colors. Summer waited patiently for her nails to be done, but Lexie was ready right away. The problem was she wanted to do it herself. But, once she figured out that wasn't going to happen she gave up and crawled in and out of my lap while I was getting a pedicure. They were both happy with the finished product and posed over and over for the camera.

I love this Halloween outfit and Summer does too. She has worn it several times in the past few weeks.
Summer and Lexie both wanted to wear princess high heels to church.
Summer was a big help with the bake sale goodies.

The art/craft activities were a favorite at the festival this weekend.
The enjoyed petting the animals too and did not even put up a fuss about using Germ-X.
She tried and tried to catch the chickens.
Lexie and Summer went down headfirst.
Is she thinking, what happened to my nap? Or, just focusing on holding on?
Summer enjoyed the ride too.
Having fun even in line!
She's ready for music class. I love the boots she picked to wear too!

Lexie picked out her own clothes too.
Discovery Museum was a hit.
You have to pet the hissing cockroaches unless your name is Lexie.


Susie said...

Love all the pictures!! Glad to see them having fun. I agree with Lexie yuck on petting the cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer- love the pictures! Thank you for sharing! Have agreat rest of the week and know that we are praying.

God bless


Anonymous said...

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