Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last day of preschool

Our household could not be more happy about this day. No more notes, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks. LOL Well, the note part is correct. Last night when we went to bed, Summer was already saying that there was something wrong with her and if it wasn't better, she shouldn't go to school. She also mentioned the fact that she doesn't learn anything again which I'm certain is not completely true. But, she does do more hands on things at home when we are having "fun." I know life can't always be fun. But, if I can make it fun, I'm going to. Anyway, she did not invent any illnesses this morning. She did say she needed a nap on the way to school. I seriously doubt she will still be wanting to nap when I pick her up from school though. We'll definitely be finding something fun to do if she has anything to say about it. It would be nice to spend the evening at home though since the rest of our week is booked solid.

Yesterday, we went to a Halloween party put on the by Candelighters. Summer decided we should be fairies. Lucky for her, I had the costume. She did donate one of her tiaras which I wasn't entirely excited about, but I was a good sport and even wore the floppy wings. Summer herself was Tinkerbelle and sported her tiara with pride and only slightly above her eyes. And, of course, we had some pretty shoes to top off our outfits. Summer decorated two pumpkins with stick on faces - a cat and a vampire. She also decorated a bag that she later trick-or-treated with. When I asked her what she drew, she said it was "abstract." I love this girl! After we ate pizza, cupcakes and cookies, it was time for the kids to get a present to take to their mother. That was sweet and we scored a Christmas blanket. It is already on the couch. Summer actually used it last night while watching the Bernstein Bears and eating her bedtime snack - turkey.

At the party, the kids got to trick-or-treat in one of the church hallways. Boy did she score big! There were only like 6 doorways in the hall that the kids trick-or-treated at, but her bag weighed about 5 pounds when she finished. Before bed, she had to go through all her candy and pick out her favorites. They were Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy & a banana Tootsie Roll Pop. She didn't pick any chocolate!!! Guess who got all the Twix. :D She gave her dad all the rest of the Tootsie Roll Pops. And, Lexie is getting the Reeses Cups. I'm not sure we will even need to trick-or-treat by the end of the week. We're going to the zoo on Thursday which will probably bring in more candy. I wonder what costumes we will end up wearing. Summer has mentioned Barney, and I think Lexie may be a bumblebee. Tomorrow is Disney on Ice and the girls will be dressing as princesses. I hope I can get them into a different dress than they wore to the Monster Bash, but some minds can't be changed.


Susie said...

Summer has a great mom. You are always finding things to make her have fun.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Soooo... are you done with preschool forever? Homeschooling?