Thursday, July 15, 2010

4 year check up

Everything went well at Summer's 4 year check up except for the fact that we were there for 3 hours. That was a little painful. We actually almost left two hours into it, but on the way out, the dr. was coming to see us so we turned around and went back to the room. Before that, when we were back in the room waiting for the doctor, Summer commented that the nurse said she would be there shortly and it had been a long time already. I just love her intuitiveness. She passed the hearing and vision test with flying colors I assume since I didn't get any feedback otherwise. She was in the 90th percentile for weight at 41 pounds and the 75th percentile for height which I believe was about 40 lbs., the nurse didn't actually say. The nurse was very impressed with Summer's maturity level and cooperation with what she was asked to do. I must say that made me proud, not that I wasn't before. The visit ended with 4 quick shots. She still has a little pain in one of her arms / shoulders today from one of them. Hopefully, it won't interfere with her artwork today.

I actually had to wake her up a little after 8:00 this morning. She wanted muffins for breakfast which she made pretty much by herself. She prefers the wildberry, but we only had strawberry and blueberry. She chose the latter. She loves the batter the best and that was all she actually ate of the muffins. I did get her to eat a piece of cheese before I dropped her off so she wouldn't be starving the whole time she is there. They do have a snack at some point, so I'm not too worried. I bet she will be hungry when I pick her up though. I've still got her muffin in the car just in case she can't wait for lunch. She was happy this morning when I left her, showing off her unicorn outfit to the teacher. It is long sleeves and pants, but there was no deterring her from wearing it. It has been out of commission for a few months since she played outside at her memaw's house and got pine sap all over it. I finally bought some Goo Gone this week and it (along with a little scrubbing) got it all out. I was happy because the stuff cost me over $4 which was about half of the price of the outfit.

This morning she asked me what we were going to do fun today so we planned a quick trip to Chuck E Cheese before our lunch date with Paw-Paw and Lenora (one of our neighbors). She loves to live life to the fullest like me. Good times will never be far from us because we keep our eyes open for every opportunity to have fun.


Susie said...

I am glad to see that she is a healthy little girl after what she has been through. Glad to see that the Goo Gone worked for you. It does wonders for many things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, glad the check up went well. Keeping you in my prayers.

God bless