Friday, July 23, 2010

Camping in the desert

Summer is thoroughly enjoying our Vegas family vacation. She's been having a great time with cousins she didn't really know she had. We went camping at Sand Hollow State Park in Utah with them. The kids loved playing in the water and sand all day. Luckily, none of us caught "the itch." Apparently, there is a bacteria in the water that thrives on water/moisture. So if it gets on you, when you get out of the water it will seek a source of moisture. Thus, it will crawl under your skin to find it. Summer kept saying she didn't want to get the itch, and I think she actually thought she would be able to see an itch bug and therefore avoid it. That being said, none of us got one of the t-shirts that they give you if you do indeed get the itch. Yay! I rode her around on one of the razors her uncle Glen had purchased for everyone's enjoyment. She didn't get the full extent of riding through the mountains, but I don't think that would've been a particularly safe trip for her anyway. While we were eating in St. George one day, we got some tickets to a baseball game. The game was not as exciting as I would've hoped since the home team was getting crushed. But, the kids did enjoy some treats from the refreshment stand.

We are back in Vegas now and going to celebrate a few birthdays tonight with the entire family. Can we get a table for 14 please? I hope to go see the Freemont Experience with Summer afterwards. I know she'll love it.


Summer said...

Sounds like ya'll are having a great time! I am glad Summer is feeling well and having a blast! Um the itch bug eeeeek that does sound um scary eeeek I would be itchin' just thinkin about it haha
That is funny she thought it was a bug you could see I totally thought it was to LOL I guess us Summer's think alike.....

Well glad ya'll didn't catch it and I am glad ya'll are having a great trip

Summer :)

Kristi said...

Yeah, the itch thing...ugh (shudder). Good thing you all didn't earn the t-shirt. ha!

Hope your vacation continues to bring more fun and great times with family.